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Tuesday 19 October 2010

Hello! Welcome to The October Challenge with Maryann K!

Hi! Everyone, My name is Maryann K. and I am the Bombshell PinUp for October . I'm so excited! I fell in love with Bombshell Stamps 2 years ago and have been in love with them since. As Ms. October, I have the honor of making the monthly challenge!

Here it is. It's a Halloween invitation made in POCKETS!!

Here are the rules:

2. Make a pocket of any kind,such as envelope etc. Get creative and let your mind take over! : P
3. Glitter!

That's it! Tah! Dah!

Here's mine (see above).

Oh! It can be mixed media, paints, glues etc...

I hope you all enjoy this challenge! Please don't be afraid to try, it's fun and you may be the winner of a prize! Yes, there is a prize for the one that is chosen.

Thanks to all of you talented women for participating and to the talented Design Team here.
Everyone is just really nice and passionate about stamping and crafting. Thanks for inspiring me! : )
Ms. October MARYANN K. : )

Here's a tutorial video how I made the card above! Enjoy!


  1. Flipping fantastic MaryAnn- I LOVE the project, the video and the music- AWESOME!!!

  2. How fun! I love your little video. You're very engaging!

    Your project is so fun. I love the pocket card and really love the skeleton's black glittery heart.

    Does gel medium hold glitter well enough? I always use glue!

  3. Thanks ladies! I hope that you'll give it a try , its fun and you can win a prize !

    @ Kathi I have found gel medium holds glitter pretty well and everything else as well. : )

  4. Mary Ann,

    This is the other Mary Anne. I love pockets. Cannot wait to get started on this challenge. Love all he effects in your tutorial.