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Saturday 30 June 2012

Last Day of June!

Hi Bombshells!

It seems like this month flew by so fast!  So since today is the last day of June, it is my last day as the June Pin-Up.  I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU! to all of you, the Bombshell Girls Design Team and Pin-Ups!  I had a lot of fun this month!

Here is a card I made using A Pirate's Life and the Flag Frame Digi Stamp (available in the forum when you sign up!).  Make sure to sign up for the forum if you haven't done so already!

  Welcome Susie, Ms. July!!!!!

Thanks again everyone!
- Kim, Ms. June

Bombshell Girl Spotlight!!!

Today the Bombshell Girl Spotlight shines on Torrey Moseley!

Here's her interview!
1.When did you become a full Bombshell Girl (BG)?

Does this mean I was, at one time, a partial or half Bombshell Girl? If so, was I a “Bomb” Girl or a “Shell” Girl before? Okay FINE…as of the time I’m writing this, I became a FULL BG 90 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes ago. This means, I’m still fresh and green around the…gills. Wait, that just makes me sound moldy.

2. Has/have your favorite Bombshell set(s) changed since you started on the team? If so, what are your favorites now?

I could be a smarty pants and just answer “Nope”, but you know me. Y’all are NOT getting off that easy. Since I’ve only been a BG for a very short time, it would be an extraordinary fib if I answered, “Yes”. So I’ll just keep it at “Nope”… but I’m TOTALLY looking forward to seeing how these things morph over time. I wonder if they age like Dorian Gray’s portrait and get all wrinkly and hunched over. Oh wait, you want to know if my PREFERENCE has changed and not the stamps themselves. Silly me. My favorite set is Koi Tattoo. It’s still my favorite…though Bombshell Angel comes in at a close second due to her chameleon-like versatility.

3. What new techniques have you tried and/or learned as a result of being on this team?

Oh boy. Are y’all sitting down? It was on Bombshell images that I first started using my beloved Prismacolor colored pencils. They have since become my colorant medium of choice. I’ve also tried metal repouss√©, paper toling, paper rosettes, and coloring on Kraft paper.

4. Has your style changed and/or evolved since you started with the team? If so, how?

My style is in a constant state of flux…sort of like my waistline. I’ve always been known for my “out-of-the-box-over-the-top” designs. Believe it or not, I think I’ve actually toned down a bit since joining the team and have become a little more…conventional. I have!!! So I make cards out of cereal boxes and trinket boxes out of soda cans. That’s normal, right? Quit rolling your eyes.

5. Do you follow any special "design rules"?

Rules? RULES? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!!!! I’m the “Rebel Scrapper Without a Cause”. I scoff at rules. I laugh at rules—that maniacal laugh that sends chills down the spine…MWA Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Oh wait, maybe there is ONE rule…Never mind, I was just kidding.

Oh wait...I do tend to do the "rule of 3" thing a lot. But it's not a "RULE" it's more a "tendency".

6. Where and when do you find inspiration?

I collect bits of inspiration like a magpie collects shiny baubles and pieces of string. Hold the phone…I collect shiny baubles and bits of string…so I guess that means I AM a magpie. I never know when, where, how or why inspiration will strike. I think I siphon it from the universe itself. That’s it…I’m like a giant universal creative inspiration siphoning hose thingy.

7. How do you regain your lost mojo?

I know EXACTLY where my mojo is. My mojo lives in a sleepy little town called Lafayette, Colorado. Her name is Jodi. SHE is my mojo--always has been, always will be. So, when I’ve lost my mojo…I know where and how to find her. After all, she has a cell phone so I can usually track her down...though, I am considering getting her one of those prison ankle "bracelets" that keep her confined to a specific area. I would bling it up and embellish it for her, of course. It’s wonderful knowing my mojo is just a phone call away. Jelly?

And, BEHOLD! Here are my fave projects I've done thus far:

Steamy Angel - I really love her. This card just has a "je-ne-sais-quoi" about it. I adore how easily I can morph Bombshell stamps into Steampunk.

Geisha Shadow Box - This project combines several elements that I really like: iris folding, Asian theme, paper lanterns. And her parasol TOTALLY reminds me of the ones you get in fruity tropical drinks. I love those parasols...and the cabana boys that bring them to me.

"Trashy" Cowgirl Card - I just think it's SO COOL, that I actually made something so normal looking..out of GARBAGE. This card is made from 99% of discarded "trash". Pretty snazzy, huh? Bonus-- I'm helping to save the planet...one card at a time. hee hee hee.

Now that you've learned more about Torrey (and most likely got a giggle or two from her interview) and feasted your eyes upon her favorite projects, you'll definitely want to go see more.

So here are some links for you!
Torrey's Blog
Torrey's Gallery
Torrey's first blog interview

Let's take a spin!

The background I made is with a discontinued stampof a different brand.The bike and text are Bombshell stamps ,the bike is of the Vintage Motorcycle set the text of Harley Bikes set, retro text  and star of the Bombshell Angel set.
All is coloured with Copic markers.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday 28 June 2012

The Newsletter Contest!!!

Do you want another reason to celebrate July 4th?

Would you like to win a $100.00 Bombshell Stamps shopping spree?

All you need to do is to subscribe to Bombshell Stamps' Newsletter by midnight PDT on July 3rd!

The winner will be selected on July 4th!

Click HERE and go sign up now!!!

Deaths Head Moth Tutorial

Hi everyone!
Last month I really enjoyed altering my Bombshells for Skull Appreciation Day .
I wanted to share with you how I made my Butterfly from Butterfly Dreams into a Deaths Head Moth.

Here are the three stamp sets I used:

Butterfly Dreams (the large butterfly), Tattoo Background (the tiny skull and crossbones), Madonna Woodcut (the smallest sugar skull),

I stamped out the images I wanted (as listed above) onto smooth white cardstock (my fave is from Stampin' Up) with black Memento Ink:

...you may have spotted that the smallest skull is different from the one I originally used.....I have put that stamp somewhere safe...so safe that I can't find it at the moment....but you can see that you can use skulls from other Bombshell sets as well!!! I did TRY to style that out!!

Next carefully cut out your two little sugar skulls (from Woodcut Madonna):

....and work out where on your Butterfly wing you want to place them.
It's best to do this BEFORE you add glue for obvious reasons!!

Now stick them in place:

..I use Glossy Accents as it has a small nib ideal to apply glue to teeny items.

Now the fun part....colouring! Choose your colours and away you go!
Include the skulls as if they were part of the butterfly wing as you colour in.

Next I add my smallest skull onto the body of the butterfly:

..again work out where you want to skull to sit before you glue ;)

I then applied a layer of Glossy Accents all over the moth (see he's transformed from a butterfly!).
I find this covers any differences in height from adding the sugar skulls etc and it gives it a lovely glossy finish but this is up to you!

I always draw the Glossy Accents around the edges of my stamped image first then infill.
Keep the nozzle in the Glossy Accents as it flows from the nib as this stops bubbles forming.

Check from the side that all parts of the image are covered....

...and in fill any missed areas NOW whilst the Glossy Accemts is still wet- much easier.
Put the image up out of the way on a shelf somewhere for a couple of hours and cover it with a bowl if you are worried about fluff getting stuck.
If it's out of the way you won't be tempted to POKE the Glossy Accents to see if it's dry yet- this is when you realise it's not set and you have a paper moth stuck to your finger!!

When the moth is dry carefully cut him out and mount onto your card:

 I hope this helped you to visualize your Bombshells in a new way?!
See you again soon!

Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie xxXxxX

Dead Men Tell No Tales...

Hi Bombshells! It's Kim, Ms. June, here.

Dead men tell no tales, so you better believe my friend here is not talking...

This altered pirate skull is made from a paper mache skull. I got it last year at Michael's during the first week of November. All of their leftover Halloween stuff is on a really great clearance price then!

I was inspired to make this based on Emily's rad "Altered Shoes" Tutorial and Anam's awesome "Flames to Love" Candle Tutorial. Their projects and tutorials are so awesome! You definately need to check them out!

I used two coats of Gesso primer and then a coat of Vanilla acrylic paint on this skull. In between when I was waiting for the coats of primer/paint to dry, I started stamping the Bombshell Stamps I wanted to use onto tissue paper with black Staz-On ink.

For the more detailed stamps, I colored the images in with colored pencils. (I was tempted to try my Copics, but I don't have many lighter colored markers so I went with pencils.)

I cut out the images and applied a thin coat of Mod Podge onto the area of the skull that I wanted to place the stamped image. Then I placed the stamped image onto the skull and applied another thin coat of Mod Podge onto the top of it. (The above ship image was a bit too large for the curvy area I applied it on, therefore you can see some wrinkling in the image.)

I didn't apply a coat of acrylic spray sealer at the end, but I think I may do that now to seal it up. 

I used A Pirate's Life, Homeward Bound, Ahoy Sailor, Mermaid Treasure, and Hula Girl Stamp Sets.

Have an awesome day!


Bombshell Stamps - A Pirate's Life, Homeward Bound, Ahoy Sailor, Mermaid Treasure, and Hula Girl Stamp Sets
Ink - Staz-On in Black
Paper Mache Skull
Gesso Primer
Vanilla Acrylic Paint
Tissue Paper
Paint Brush
Mod Podge
Colored Pencils

(Eye patch was made from ribbon and SVG Cuts Pirate Eye Patch from Pirate Birthday Party SVG Kit and cut out with my eCraft)

Wednesday 27 June 2012

June Hump Day Hop: 3 Cheers for Summer!

Well hello! Alison here! It's the last Wednesday of the month, which means that it's time for the Bombshell Stamps Hump Day Hop. This month's theme was 3 Cheers for Summer. That means, that the projects need to be Summer themed, but there also needs to be either 3 of something, or the number 3 on the project. We have 14 fabulous stops for this month's hop! Please visit everyone and show 'em some love! Here is the full hop list.

We have a late entry! Please also visit Kelli's blog at: http://cajunstampingqueen.blogspot.com/. She may not be posted on everyone else's hop list, so please don't forget to share some kind words with her.
Enjoy the hop! 
I will be back next Wednesday to announce the hop theme for July! Have a fantastic day!

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Pirate Earrings

Hey Bombshells!

I used my Bombshell Stamps this weekend to make some fun earrings. I love neon colors (and can you believe neon colors are actually "in" again!?) and since I had some neon colored paint on hand, I thought let's use them!

The neon blue is kind of dark. Not really the neon hue I was going for, but I love the way these earrings came out anyway.

First I drilled holes on the top of some round wooden disks and coated them with a paint of Gesso primer. Once that was dry, I painted a few coats of neon acrylic paint. Then I stamped the Pirate Skull and Ship Stamps onto the painted disks using Staz-On ink. After that was dry, I applied a coat of acrylic sealer and waited for it to dry so I could assemble them into earrings.

If you have any questions please ask below!
Have a fantastic day!

- Kim

Bombshell Stamps - A Pirate's Life Stamp Set
Ink: Staz-On in black
Acrylic Sealer
Hand Drill - Fiskars
round wooden disks - AC Moore Wood Department
Martha Stewart Gesso Primer
Neon Pink Acyrlic Craft Paint - My Studio (AC Moore)
Neon Blue Acrylic Paint - Folk Art by Plaid
earring wires
jump rings
jewelry chain
anchor charms
round silver hoops
needle nose pliers
round nose pliers
bent tip pliers
wire cutters

Sunday 24 June 2012

Saturday 23 June 2012


     The winner for the month of May is Kim with this wonderful entry into our gust designer tic tac toe challenge.  

Kim Here is your badge for being our Bombshell Contest Winner

Please contact me at rohjr@sbcglobal.net to arrange your prize of a Bombshell stamp set.

Friday 22 June 2012

Colored Pencil Tutorial

Hidy Ho Bombshell cats and chicks! Torrey here with a Tu-TORREY-al for y’all. Today I’m offering up a little tooty tut on “Coloring with Prismacolor Pencils-101”. I figured it would be a nice change to see another type of coloring medium featured! Not that I have anything against Copics…but as y’all know, I’m Copicphobic.  I do, however… love, Love, LOVE my Prismas…and so will you, once you bite the coloring bullet and learn how to use them! 

Today we're gonna be coloring up the FaBuLoUs wench from "A Pirate's Life". Here is what she's gonna look like when we're done! Doesn't she look AWESOME? Wow, she kinda looks like that iconic picture of Raquel Welch in "One Million Years, B.C." doesn't she? (that dates me, huh?)

Here is a list of what you’ll need:
  1. Stamp of choice
  2. Stamping ink (I recommend Memento as it doesn’t smear)
  3. Odorless mineral spirits—aka OMS (a MUST!!—get it at Walmart or the hardware store in the paint department. It’s a LOT cheaper than buying it at an art supply store where they sell it as “brush cleaner”)
  4. Colored pencils (I choose Prismacolor, but just about ANY colored pencil will work—even the cheapies)
  5. A good pencil sharpener.
  6. A micro/fine tip black marker.
  7. emery board or sandpaper (to clean/sharpen the blending stubs)
  8. old toothbrush (to clean the emery board)
  9. paper blending stubs (the “solid” type…not the “rolled paper” ones) also called "Tortillons".
  10. cardstock (today I’m using Kraft colored)
  11.  (not shown) Eraser

And now a few tips and facts about the wonderful world of colored pencils.

  • When using colored pencils…for small, detailed images (like this one) work from Light to Dark. For larger, bolder images…work from Dark to Light.
  • Work on a smooth surface to achieve smooth colors—otherwise, it’s like doing a rubbing and you’ll pick up the texture/pattern of whatever is under your paper (which could be cool).
  • Use odorless mineral spirits (OMS) and a stub to blend and smooth out the color. Most colored pencils have a wax-based lead and OMS basically dissolves the colored “lead”.
  • ALWAYS clean off the blending stub on an emery board BEFORE switching to a new color, otherwise your colors will get polluted.
  • Colored pencils work GREAT on Kraft cardstock (as you’ll see in a minute)
  • Know how to PROPERLY sharpen your pencils to reduce lead breakage. Here’s a great video on how to do it…it really DOES make a difference.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf-4a4vZYtE
  • They’re FAR less expensive than markers…and they don’t dry out.
  • They’re smaller too, and thus easier to store.
Okay, on with the show.

To color this image (the way I did) you’ll need the following Prismacolor colors: order is lightest to darkest

   PC 927 – Light Peach
   PC 929 – Rose(for blush only)
   PC 1080 – Beige Sienna
   PC 943– Burnt Ochre
   PC 945– Sienna Brown
   PC 946 – Dark Brown

   PC 929 – Rose
   PC 925 – Crimson Lake
   PC 937 – Tuscan Red
   PC 946 – Dark Brown
Belt, lace and boots:
   PC 938 – White   
   PC 917 – Sunburst Yellow
   PC 943 – Burnt Ochre
   PC 935 – Black

   PC 943 – Burnt Ochre
   PC 937 – Tuscan Red

             Step One: Skin Base

  • I always color skin first…then the rest of the image after. That way I’m less likely to botch the skin by dragging surrounding color into it when blending.
  • Lay down a layer of Light Peach on ALL skin surfaces (this will become the highlights). Don’t worry about covering up detail lines in the face or hands…we’ll fill those in later.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect…just good coverage over all the skin.
  • If you go outside the line…no worries…just erase it BEFORE you use the OMS.

Step Two: Blending
  • Start with a clean stub. If it’s been used, just run it across an emery board until it’s clean. You can also “sharpen” them on the emery board.
  • Saturate the tip of a clean stub with OMS. I store my OMS in an empty dauber-top paint bottle. You can just cut a small piece of sponge and put it in the bottom of a little container/jar and pour some OMS on it to serve as your reservoir--then just dab your stub on the saturated sponge.
  • Rub the colored area in a small, circular motion to blend it smooth.
  • Run your stub over the emery board every once in awhile to remove built-up wax.
  • Reapply OMS to stub as needed.
  • If skin looks blotchy, just add more colored pencil and re-blend until you get desired look.

Step Three: Adding Skin Shadows
  • Starting with your next darker shade (Beige Sienna) outline all skin areas and desired shadow areas (as shown on the leg on the right).
  • Blend it out with a stub and OMS.
  • Then, take the next darker shade (Burnt Ochre) and outline skin areas again.
  • Blend this out with a stub and OMS.
  • Repeat this process first with the Sienna Brown and finally with the Dark Brown (as shown on the leg on the left)…blending after each color…and slightly pulling the color toward the middle of each area.
  • NOTE: make sure you leave SOME of the skin areas in the middle of each section with just the light peach undercolor for highlight.
  • Use care when coloring the face. Add shadows by the nose and around chin  with the Burnt Ochre only
  • Add blush with the Rose pencil and blend.

Step Four: Coloring the red dress
  •  Start by coloring the whole thing Rose. Really…trust me.

    • Outline dress and shadow areas with Crimson Lake.
    • (Bottom image) Blend with stub and OMS. 
    • Using Tuscan Red, repeat last 2 steps, then repeat with Dark brown.

    Step Five: Coloring the belt, lace, boots and earrings
    • Color in the boots, belt and lace completely with White. Leave the earrings and buckles alone for now.
    • Outline each white area with Black then CAREFULLY blend the black and white together (start in white and work toward black), making certain to leave some white areas as highlights. By blending the black and white at same time, you get shades of grey mixed in without actually adding grey.
    • Color buckles and earrings with Sunburst Yellow and shade with Burnt Ochre.

    Step Six: Coloring the hair and finishing up
    • With this stamp there isn’t a whole lot of hair area to color. Use Burnt Ochre on the highlight areas and Tuscan Red in the shadows.
    • Blend, blend, blend.
    • To finish the image, go over the outlines with a ultra fine-tip marker to add the detail back in.
    Okee dokee...guess what? Put a fork in us...WE'RE DONE!!!

    And here, again, is our finished wench--all colored up and ready to be put on a project! Thanks for taking the time to read my tutorial. If you have any questions...just post 'em in the comments below, or email me at gallatyn@rocketmail.com.

    Hope you enjoyed it!!

      Wednesday 20 June 2012

      June 2012 Pin Up Challenge - Raise Yer Flag

      Hey everyone! I'm Kim, Ms. June.

      The challenge for June is "Raise Yer Flag"!   June 14th is Flag Day here in the USA, so I thought this would be an interesting challenge for everyone. Of course, this challenge is open for interpretation. Some examples - using a flag, flag shaped cards, your country's flag colors, pirate's flags, etc.

      Have fun with this challenge! I can't wait to see what you all create!

      Here's my shadow box for this challenge using A Pirate's Life, Homeward BoundMermaid Treasure,  Hawaiian Girl

      Rachael using Retro Cowgirls and a digital image available when you subscribe to the newsletter!

      Alaine  used Ahoy Sailor and also used the digital image available when you subscribe to the newsletter!


      Monday 18 June 2012

      Parrot Easel Card

      Hi Bombshells!

      Today I thought I would take a step back in time... and use the June 2011 Bombshell Stamps sketch as inspiration for my easel card.

      The sketch -

      Parrot Easel Card -

      Have a great day!

      - Kim - Ms. June
      Stamps: Bombshell Stamps - A Pirate's Life
      Markers: Copic Ciao
      Ink: Tsukineko Memento
      Electronic Cutting Machine: Silhouette Cameo
      SVG Cuts - Easel Card from Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
      1 inch circle punch
      Paper: Nautical Collection by Moxxie
      Adhesives: Pop Dots; Scotch ATG Gun