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Friday 22 July 2011

Technique time: Glittery by Name....

I like glitter and recently I've been going cold turkey so it was time to put this right!
The following method isn't a new one but I've NEVER used it, so it was a learning experience for me.
You will need:
Clear Acrylic (look at packaging if you don't have any in your craft cupboard)
Staz-On Ink (or any ink that will work on smooth, non- porous surfaces)
Clear glue (make sure it dries clear)
Glitter, LOTS of glitter!
A paintbrush to help tidy as you go
An understanding family!

First of all work somehwere where it won't matter if you dump glitter everywhere and don't wear a your best outfit!!
Set your acrylic down on a piece of paper:
I gave it a wipe over with a tack cloth first.
Next ink up your stamp and carefully stamp on the acrylic:
I like to cut my image out but you can use the whole acylic sheet as your card if you want- in this case place your stamped image carefully on your acrylic sheet.
You're going to apply the glue and glitter to the back of the image-you'll see why at the end!
Start to apply the clear glue to the outer edges of your image:
TIP: start at the point furthest from you and work TOWARDS yourself. This way there is less of wiping your hand through the glue/glitter accidentally as you apply glue to another area.
Fun bit- sprinkle over the glitter, work a small area at a time, especially on a fiddly design like this:
Apply the glitter then shake off excess:
As you are working over a piece of paper (remember I mentioned that at the beginning?!) you can now tip the excess glitter back into the glitter container.
TIP: Flick the image with your finger sharply over your paper to get rid of the excess glitter (some sticks through static)
Use a soft paintbrush to sweep away the remaining excess glitter:
  So now apply glue to the next area of your design, add glitter, clear off the excess, tidy with the brush and carry on!
Your design will eventually like:
Which looks blobby and odd but if you flip over the image to the side you stamped on you will see:
The stamped lines still show over the glitter- cool eh?!
I like to leave my glittered image overnight to make sure it is completely dry before making my card.
You'll find that as it dries the glue and glitter settle more and look much neater.
Here's my card I made with a beautiful Koi Carp stamp I glittered.
I hope you have a go at this technique- it's REALLY addictive, I'm on my fourth go as I write, and as  result I'm twinkling gently , covered in a thin layer of glitter, so is the computer, my desk, the Beagles, the kids, my husband (I said you needed an understanding family!!)
Happy Crafting!
(a very) GLITTERYKatie!!!


  1. Cool technique-looks fantastic!!!

  2. Katie this is UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!! Love LOVE this technique!! I will be waiting for a day that I feel incredibly patient and then I will tackle this!


    Crafty Hugs!

  3. Such a fun technique.

    I totally get you on the understanding family part - my lab/rottie dog is constantly sparkling thanks to my crafting habits. LOL

    Beautiful work. I love it.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial.

    I personally think that glittery pets are especially pretty.

  5. Love the tutorial. Cannot wait to try this beautiful technique

  6. Stunning! The more glitter the better!

  7. LOL wonderful Technique! I love glitter and often my bassett hound and mini dauchshund are glittery as well!!!