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Sunday 9 January 2011

Bombshell Love Tokens

I had fun playing with my Melt Pot and my new Sacred Heart Art stamps the other day!
I decided to make some cute love tokens

First of all I added some UTEE (Extra thick embossing enamel) and melted it down.
Now UTEE is clear so I added some colour to it using special dyes.

I took a cookie cutter and stood it on a piece of foil and rub some clear embossing ink around the inside of the cookie cutter to help the UTEE come free

Now carefully pour in some UTEE into the mould

now this but takes a bit of practise-you need to pop the stamp (first coat it in clear embossing ink so it won't stick) onto the UTEE BUT you don't want to do it too early or the UTEE is too liquid and the stamp sinks in too far! You need to wait a few seconds before placing the stamp on the UTEE.
The great think about UTEE is if you get it wrong you stick it back in the Melting Pot and re-use it!
Like this!

Pop the stamp into the UTEE

I added some gold ink to the stamp on this one

Leave the foil in place and cut it close to the edge, if it comes loose use a little clear glue to keep it in place as it gives a nice metallic sheen to your token.

And there you have some cute tokens that you can give as gifts or use as decorations. 
Remember you can change the colour of the UTEE, add microbeads or glitter and use different shapes of cookie cutters!

Happy crafting!
GlitteryKatie XxxxX


  1. Whoa Katie, I had wondered how you did those! Really, really gorgeous!!! I love the heart one! :D

  2. This is AMAZING Katie!!! HOLY WOW!!! I wish I could do that!!!

    Just GORGEOUS!!


  3. Katie, this is awesome! I want one!!! Or...6 perhaps! What a great project!

  4. Those are fabulous. Join the "Pay it forward challenge" on FB and send me one. Please???;D

  5. OMG I LUV THESE! I cannot wait to try this. Just need to get a melting pot. WOW!