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Sunday 15 May 2011

Meet Ms. May

Raven Baca is Ms. May. She's relatively new to Bombshell Stamps, so read the interview to get to know her a bit better!

1. Brief info about yourself, including your name, where you live, your family (if you want), etc.
My name is Raven Baca, I live in the beautiful Southwest. I am a sahmommy of four beautiful babies. My hubby and I have been together FOREVER lol. No not really only 11 years.

2. How long have you been stamping and/or crafting?
I have been stamping for about two years now, but I have been crafty my entire life. I used to play with yarn (knitting and crochet.) I've always drawn and sketched and done artsy type of things. Now I'm addicted to paper and stamps!

3. What are your favorite Bombshell sets and why?
My favorite Bombshell set is the Bombshell Angel set. I think the entire set is so versatile. I love the things that you can make with it.

4. What kind of projects do you like to do?
love doing everything really. I am currently nto making jewelry, art journals, and mixed media type of things. I have also recently gotten back into creating scrapbook pages.

5. What are your favorite coloring mediums?
Well my FAVORITE is acylic paint. And I would have had that as my challenge but Miss March Beat me to it lol. I also like oil pastels and copics. I like getting paint on my hands and clothes though so paint is my all time favorite.

6. Describe your crafting "style".
Ew. This question is hard for me. I don't really have a style. I change what I'm doing daily just based on my mood and the time constraints I may or may not have. I am drawn to vintage these days and things along the lines of messy. lol

7. Describe your crafting process. Do you start with a stamp set? A sketch? A technique you want to use?
I think the crafting process is extremely therapeutic. Sometimes I will go in with a plan but normally I end up changing it by the end. I love my projects when I don't go in with a plan at all. I am NOT a clean crafter. I envy those of you who are. When I start I get out everything and then it takes years to put it all away.

8. Do you have any other hobbies?
I have too many hobbies I'm banned from searching for new ones online and in the stores! LOL! The sad part is that I'm being serious. I LOVE learning and I truly believe that knowledge is key, so anything that I can get my hands on I want to try. I paint, draw, write, scrapbook, make cards, make jewelry, do photography (one of my faves), hike, camp, love fishing, knit, crochet, and read like a mad woman. Those are my primary hobbies. See what I mean?

9. Free for all including little facts, etc. about you.
I can't really think of anything else. I like being true to myself. That's one big thing about me and I love being free to change my mind daily. My favorite color is always something different. I love that.

Here's some art from Raven:

If you want to see more, visit her blog!

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