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Friday 8 July 2011

You're so Magnetic - A tutorial

OK... so you know all those little magents you buy for your kitchen or your office from different places you have visited.. Those $5.95 magnets that look exactly like the magnets on your cubicle mates filing cabinet or your next door neighbors fridge. Maybe they have different places on them, but they are not YOU-nique.  That is what I am here to show you today. I have nothing against some of these magnets. I have a few of them... I especially love the Dr. Pepper one I have - and some of the make your own poems can be really fun, but I am here to show you how to make Unique magnets or what I would like to call YOU-nique. (So apparently I need a LOT of sleep here, or just to undorkify as my daughter says).

The first thing you need is an image. I used the new Lotus Garden Set from Bombshell Stamps for this one.  You also need the following supplies:
Ths colors don't matter, nor do the shapes. You need Glossy Accents or Crystal Effects, and some magnets. Now I had a roll of magnets, because that is what I use to put up in my cabinets to store all my Nesties, so I had it sitting around and I used that. You can buy other types as well and they are WAY cheaper than cutesy magnets. :-)

The first step after coloring up my images how I wanted was to emboss my background paper and then cut out the shapes I want.  I embossed my paper first, then cut out the shapes (I chose circles).
I then used the sponge dauber and inked up the raised embossing. And then adhered my colored up / cut out image to the background paper. The Image here is colored using Copics. I used Cool Greys for the black areas, and Y02, 07, 09 for the Orange areas. After all the orange areas were done, I went back over the lighter parts with Y04. It brightened up the fish a lot.
Once the image is adhered you cover the entire surface with either Glossy Accents or Crystal Effects. I like how the Glossy Accents flow, and used it here. One of the things to do after you cover the area is to use a straight pin to pop any bubbles. I was able to get most of them, but I figured since they are fishies. YAY - I didn't have to be Mary Poppins. Hee Hee Mary POP-PINS... OMG... I am really killing myself here!
Once the image is dried, I applied sticky magents to the back of the circles, and VOILA - - personal YOU-nique magnets.

You can do this with any image, and a lot of the Bombshell images work AMAZING with this technique. Sugar Skulls are really cool, and the icon images in the sets all work really great as background images for magnets.

I hope you enjoyed this rather simple Tutorial, and that you go out and turn your artwork into things to hold up your kids or grandkids (or nieces and nephews) artwork on your fridge or your vacation schedule at work. :-)

Now, here is a big bonus - Meredith has an another amazing tutorial planned for you today, so make sure you check that out. Then go and have an amazingly creative great weekend!


  1. Alaine!!! These are AWESOME!!! I love how rich the colors come out after being coated in gloss!! GORGEOUS! I can't wait to do these!!


  2. Alaine, these are glorious! So beautiful and would make perfect gifts for someone special! I am definitely going to do this! Hugz,Cheryl

  3. I so love this. Great tutorial to create useful and gorgeous magnets!

    So, what is that embossing folder?

  4. Thanks Ladies!

    @ Kathi - that is one of the Oriental ones from Cuttlebug. It came in a pack of 4.