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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Meet Ms. January -- Laura Boyd!!!

So sorry this is late! Time seems to have slipped away and was aided and abetted by my natural spaciness!

So without further ado...

Laura Boyd is our talented Ms. January, who shows a definite flair for design and coloring.

Get to know her better by reading her interview!

1. Brief info about yourself, including your name, where you live, your family (if you want), etc.

Hi, I'm Laura. I live in rural Ohio with my wonderful husband of almost ten years and our two children, ages 7 and 3. I'm a stay-at-home-mom and I homeschool my daughter, so I'm kept pretty busy!

2. How long have you been stamping and/or crafting?

Well, I've been playing with stamps since I was a little girl. My mom taught me how to cross stitch when I was really young, so I've been crafting for a long time. I've only really been making cards and scrapbook layouts for the last few years.

3. What are your favorite Bombshell sets and why?

I love all of the Bombshell sets I have! But I love Bombshell Angel for the versatility that it offers and I love Rose's Portrait for her classic beauty.

4. What kind of projects do you like to do?

I primarily make cards, but I also love altered art, canvases, bookmarks, tags, ATCs, the list keeps going...

5. What are your favorite coloring mediums?

I love my Copics. I also love Distress ink. I'm also really starting to like paints (both acrylic and watercolor).

6. Describe your crafting "style".

Eclectic. My style ranges from cutesy to macabre and most places in between.

7. Describe your crafting process. Do you start with a stamp set? A sketch? A technique you want to use?

Unless it is for a sketch challenge I usually start with the stamp or image and then I just go from there.

8. Do you have any other hobbies?

Reading, writing(fiction and poetry), video games, cooking, baking, sewing, genealogy, and I love music!

9. Free for all including little facts, etc. about you.

• I'm short(only 5' 1”).
• I love Greek food.
• I'm a big Doctor Who? fan.
• I have a huge crush on the actor Bill Nighy.
• I'm a night owl.
• I have a decent size comic book collection.
• My secret dream is to open my own bakery. I guess it's not secret anymore. ;)

Now that you've learned more about Ms. January, here are some examples of her wonderful artwork!

Now that you've seen some of Laura's lovely artwork, I know that you'll want to see more! Here are links to her Bombshell Gallery and her blog!


  1. Welcome Ms. January! Love your cards!

  2. awesome miss January just going to get better I know it!!!!