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Tuesday 2 October 2012

Meet Ms. October!

Alex Lundgren is Bombshell's Ms. October. This is her second stint as a Pin-Up, so you know she's got the right look and all the right moves!

Since she's already answered the usual questions before, I asked her some new ones so we could find out more about what makes this talented lady tick!

Here's my second interview with her.


Has/have your favorite Bombshell set(s) changed since you the last time you were a Pin-Up?
Last time all of the stamp sets from the Sugar Skull collection were my favorites because I'm a big Halloween gal. I especially loved the Dead Necessities set. They still are wonderful, but since then I have a new favorite.

If so, what are your favorites now?
I have come to LOVE the versatility of the Bombshell Angel set. Bombshell Angel Pin Up is my new favorite just because the sky is the limit with her. I can dress her up, dress her down, and turn into something else entirely!

What new techniques have you tried and/or learned as a result of being on this team?
I have tried stamping on tissue paper and adhering it to an altered item. I have created more 3-D things and truly get pushed and challenged by the talent of the Bombshell Girls and Pin-Ups.

Has your style changed and/or evolved since you started your first reign as a Pin-Up? If so, how?
I believe that my style has changed; actually not so much changed as evolved. I am more willing to mess with the images to switch them up. I do more things that are outside-the- box and let my creative brain just take charge sometimes even when my logical brain is confused.

Do you follow any special "design rules"?
The only design rules I really consciously follow are to try to have odd number of elements and to have a balanced feel to something.

Where and when do you find inspiration?
My best inspiration comes from cruising blogs and galleries of artists I admire. Next is to look through magazines and listen to music.

How do you regain your lost mojo?
The best way I have found to regain mojo is to bite the bullet and clean my creative area. I do not have a dedicated craft room and tend to take over one end of the living room. By take over, I mean that anything I get out, stays out, and spreads all over. I am not a neat crafter by any imaginative stretch. I like things at hand and I use what I can see. Often when my mojo disappears, the best thing is to clean up, organize, and put away. I get inspired by things I find. Also the clarity seems to let the mojo energy flow again.

Share your favorite Bombshell pieces and explain why you love 'em.

I had so much fun altering the Bombshell Angel Pin-Up to have her become Tim Curry from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I know it isn't necessarily flattering to her, but it really was when I discovered how truly versatile this image it.

A Christmas Story is one of my favorite holiday movies. I laugh every time and especially at the father. I created 'the lamp' with a leg from the Showgirl stamp from the Butterfly Queen set, which was also my very first Bombshell set.

Lastly is Horace. This poor skull came to me in a very different and not pretty state. As part of a Humpday Hop challenge, I painted the skull and then decorated it with image from the Mermaid Treasure set. This is when I first stamped on tissue paper and used it to adhere and decorate Horace.

Now that you've learned more about Alex and seen some of her fabulous Bombshell projects, I know that you're going to want to see more.

Here's a link to her first interview when she was Ms. March 2012.

Here's a link to her blog.

Here's a link to her Bombshell Gallery!

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  1. Wow - absolutely gorgeous creations! So glad to be working with you. :)