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Friday 1 February 2013

Cracked Glass Technique

Happy Friday!!! Emily here with a Friday Tutorial.

The cracked glass technique is a combination of heat embossing and distressing.

Start with a stamped image. I chose Rose's Portrait. I felt she would make a great example for this technique, plus I do not use her too often!

Cover the entire surface with Versamark direct to paper. Heat emboss the image with clear embossing powder.

Let the embossed image cool/dry completely.

Repeat the embossing process (Versamark, clear powder, heat, let cool completely) about four times. with practice you’ll get a feel for how thick you want the embossing to get.
To get the cracked glass look, bend the embossed image until the embossing cracks. Don’t be afraid of messing it up; remember it’s just ink and paper, and you can start again if you need to.

Note – if the embossing just bends and doesn’t crack, it is either not thick enough or it didn’t dry/cool long enough.
Tip – If you’re trying to get a crack in a specific place and bending isn’t working, try poking the back side of the paper with your fingertip.
Now it’s your turn. Give the cracked glass technique a try.

Have a great weekend!
Much Love,


  1. wow this is soooo awesome! I'm going to have to try it out!

  2. Wonderful tutorial and a lovely card. The cracked glass looks great with this image.

  3. Thanks for sharing, this technique is awesome! Great tutorial and beautiful card!

  4. Hopped over from Crafting Vicky. Thanks for the tutorial.