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Friday 24 May 2013

Butterfly Dreams Journal

Hello Lovelies, Kelli here with a tutorial for you.  I love journals as do a lot of people, especially my daughters friends.  I  found ourselves in need of one such journal last month and decided to make one.  Here is how I did it!

Supplies Needed:105
Molding supplies of choice, I used Amazing Mold Putty
Clay of choice, I used paper clay
Item to alter, I used a journal from the dollar store
Decorative paper napkin
Paint colors of choice, I used Golden Brand Quinacridone Magenta, and Cobalt Turquoise
Rub –n-buff, antique gold
Fluid Matte Medium
Stamp set of choice, I used Butterfly Dreams

Step 1: Following the directions on your molding compound make molds of your stamps.

Step 2:While your molds are setting up, Gesso the cover of your item, if your item is one light color you can skip this step.

Step 3:  Once your molds are done use clay of choice to make your pendants.* 

Step 4:  Separate your napkin, make sure to keep your non decorative layers for next months tutorial.  My napkin had 2 non decorative layers, yours may have only one… Using the matte medium adhere the napkin to the outside of your item, journal for me. 
Step 5:  Once your clay pendants are dry paint them.  When your paint is dry apply the rub-n-buff to bring out the details.
Step 6:  Adhere your painted pendants to your item, add a pen and you have a pretty little gift all ready to go.  (do not be like me and lose the pen that came with your journal if it has one)

* I found it helpful to make several pendants at one time so that I had some on hand for future unexpected gifts.  Which  I used recently for another gift… Also keep in mind the drying time of your clay, it takes paper clay 3 days to dry completely!*

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