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Friday 3 May 2013

Fabulous Friday Tutorial - Bombshell Paper Dress-Up

Hi there Bombshell fans.   As a Bombshell fan, one of the must have stamp sets, is the Bombshell Angel.   And Bombshell has done a fabulous job making her oh so versatile.   One of the offerings is a cutting file you can purchase to make Bombshell clothing.   That Bombshell Angel makes for one H.O.T. dress-up doll.  If you have an e-cutter that hooks up to your computer such as a KNK Zing, Black Cat, Cameo, Silhouette, etc., then this is just oh so perfect for you.  It's oh so easy for you to dress your Bombshell.   I'll take you through the process step by step.  

This image below gives you an idea of all of the clothing items that are available and it's on sale right now for only $8.99.   You'll get several different file formats to suit your machine including .scut, .gsd, .gif, and .eps.  For more details read here:  "Bombshell Clothing" Die Cut Collection

Now follow me along on how I make use of this awesome file.  I like to use Make the Cut (MTC) software and my KNK Zing.   I love MTC.  It's so easy to use.  I imported the .scut version of the cutting file and was ready to start cutting in no time.   

After purchasing the cutting file from http://www.bombshellstamps.com, you can access the download from the home page.  Click on the link "DIGI PICKUP" toward the top right of the page.   

Log in and you should be able to access your purchased files.  Follow the download instructions at the top of the page.... it's pretty simple. 

Be sure to save your files where you'll remember later. 

Open your software for your e-cutter.  In my case, I'm using Make the Cut (MTC).  MTC easily lets me import non .mtc file formats.   So I'll chose the .scut file and import it into MTC.  The import process takes barely a few seconds...  It's just a few mouse clicks. 

Once imported, I can save the file as a .mtc file and massage the file as desired.  For example, I split the file up and put each clothing item on its own layer.  One thing I was careful not to do is that I did NOT resize any of the items.  The items are perfectly sized to work with the Bombshell Angel stamp set. 

So now to the cutting process.  Load your paper onto your cutting mat.  I chose a blue jean print to cut... well, you guessed it - blue jeans.  :-)   

Load your cutting mat, go back to your software and give the instruction to cut. 

Remove excess paper and weed any small items from your cut item.  See.... I now have little paper blue jeans.   Aren't they cute? 

Do the same for additional articles of clothing.  I chose to cut a red polka dot shirt.


I like to add a bit of shading.  It not only gives the Bombshell clothes some dimension, but it also does a great job to disguise any burrs from the cutting process.

Here's her outfit with shading and ready to go.

Now to stamp a Bombshell Angel.   I like to stamp her in Rich Cocoa Memento ink.  I think black is just a bit harsh for her skin and Memento ink works well with my Copic markers.

After stamping, I just lay the outfit on my Bombshell image to see where I need to color.   See how low that belt goes.   I'm just going to color dark brown behind the jeans for the belt.

Here she is again after coloring.  I just laid the clothes on her again to make sure I got everything before fussy cutting her out and then adhering the clothes.

And WOW... What a Bombshell ready for a ride.   I'll be featuring her on a card sometime in the future, but in the mean time, she's just a hottie with my son's toy motorcycles. :-)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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  1. Great tutorial Monika!

    I really like the way Bombshell Angel looks in the Rich Cocoa ink too. I will definately have to try that!