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Saturday 8 June 2013

Name Your Poison Day

Hello Bombshell Fans! Alison here. I am happy to share with you June's Wacky Holiday. This month, it's "Name Your Poison." Here's some info about this unusual holiday as per Holiday Insights.

Name Your Poison Day is a day to make a choice. The term "Name Your Poison" is commonly used to suggest that you select among a number of options.This term has a negative connotation. The origin of this term is unknown. But, at the time, it probably referred to some unhappy choice. It is commonly used when asking someone what type of alcoholic drink they want. But, it is also used to refer to any choice of options, good or bad. For example, "Name Your Poison" may refer to selecting an ice cream flavor, a dessert choice, etc. Celebrate today by making a decision..... Name Your Poison.

And here is what some of the fabulous Design Team has created for your viewing pleasure. 

Kelli used Man's Ruin

Alison used Calaveras Fiesta and Tiki Party
Alaine also used Tiki Party for this tag
Thank you so much for visiting! Be sure to comment and tell us what YOUR poison is! Have a great day.

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