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Friday 28 February 2014

Fabulous Friday Tutorial - Ombre Hibiscus Charm

Hi Bombshells!

Kim here, with a Fabulous Friday Tutorial. Using the hibiscus stamp from Hula Girl, I created an ombre charm for a necklace.
Bombshell Stamps - Hibiscus stamp from Hula Girl
-29mm square metal blank from Vintaj
- Agate and Verdigris Vintaj Patinas by Ranger
- small paintbrush
- non-stick craft sheet by Ranger
- Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black
- Fiskars Stamp Press
- Double Sided Tape
- Jump Ring / Pliers / Chain Necklace

To start, you will need a 29 mm square metal blank (Vintaj) and Vintaj Patinas in Agate and Verdigris. On a non-stick craft sheet (Ranger) squirt a little bit of the patinas.
 Using a paintbrush, dab a small amount of Verdigris into the Agate so you have a light blue/green color and paint it on the top of the metal plate in a dabbing motion.
Mix the Agate and Verdigris together to make a medium blue/green color and paint it in the middle of the metal blank using the same dabbing motion so you don't have streak marks on the charm.
Next mix a small amount of the light and medium blue/green and dab it in the middle of the two colors to blend them.
Then using the Verdigris paint straight from the bottle, paint the bottom of the charm.
Mix a small amount of the medium blue/green color and the Verdigris together and blend the middle and bottom colors together on the charm.
Let the charm dry for a few hours until it is completely dry. Once it is dry, place double sided tape beneath the charm so it doesn't slide around when you stamp. Then using a Fiskars Stamp Press, place the Hibiscus stamp onto it and ink it up with Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black. Then turn the press over, carefully line up the stamp onto the middle of the charm and press down to stamp.
Be carefully when removing the press from the charm so the stamped image does not smudge.
Once your image is stamped, let it completely dry. Once it's dry you can remove it from the double sided tape. All that's left to do is attach a jump ring to your charm and add it onto a chain necklace!
I'm so excited to make these charms with some of the other smaller Bombshell Stamps! Which stamp would you use?

Happy Friday!

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