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Sunday 27 April 2014

Let's Hear It for the Red, White & Blue!

Hello! Ms. April, Betsie, here! Today I am sharing a recent page I made for my art journal. The theme is "Stars". I can think of no better representation of stars than the Butterfly Queen set. I found awesome glitter paper and a die cut sheet of stars in my stash. I knew what needed to be done and this is it:

Isn't she spectacular! I love to add fish nets to my pin ups and I added a blue pair to her. I added a little Liquid Glass to her stars to really make them pop and shine. I found some lovely red bling in my stash and put that along her hips. I wanted her blond, so I added yellow Stickles in her hair. I just adore her!

Until next time -- HAPPY CRAFTING! :-D

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