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Tuesday 21 December 2010

Meet Ms. December, Diana Gonzalez!

I'm skipping around a bit since I'm waiting for some responses, so here's Ms. December, Diana Gonzalez!!!

Brief info about yourself, including your name, where you live, your family (if you want), etc.
My name is Diana, and I'm the Craftaholic! I reside in Brooklyn, New York, with my husband-the "fine artist" and musician, and my daughter, the trouble maker three year old.

2. How long have you been stamping and/or crafting?
I've been stamping for about four years, and crafting most of my life.

3. What are your favorite Bombshell sets and why?
I love the Butterfly Dreams set. And the Calaveras. So cool. Very Versatile. I love when stamp sets are versatile.

4. What kind of projects do you like to do?
Oh, I love practical things. I love art, but I love function. I like to blend a bit of both. Form AND function. You know?

5. What are your favorite coloring mediums?

6. Describe your crafting "style".
I describe my style as "vintage city grunge" because I'm influenced a lot by my love of vintage goods, and living in NYC just inspires me fully.

My favorite artist is Jean Michel Basquiat. He actually influences me artistically a lot, but you can't tell much. I love that he created art on anything around him. Postcards. Dresses. Chairs. I love that.

7. Describe your crafting process. Do you start with a stamp set? A sketch? A technique you want to use?
I never start with a sketch. I start with an idea that I have in my head, something for a swap,something for a friend as a gift, or something I need. Usually, that helps me visualize what to create. That is followed by some new crafty goodness that I'll buy, something I'll find in my stash, or a new technique that I want to try. I never start with out being able to visualize the finished project and actually I never buy a stamp set without visualizing how I'll use it either. If I can't visualize, I don't buy it. Because why bother, right? If I still come up nil, then I sit at my desk and stare for a while and think. Then I move to my couch with my second or third cup of coffee, and stare at my craft books (for some reason, I don't open them). Then, I usually get an idea. If not, I'll go out with my little one-the city always helps give me ideas.

8. Do you have any other hobbies?
YES. Too many. I knit and crochet, bake, sew, do embroidery, jewelry making, soap making....that's mostly it. I think.

9. Free for all including little facts, etc. about you.
• Whenever I make art, my little one usually watches over me. Except knitting. That I do on the train.
• I like to recycle. I have so many rubber stamps, but for some reason, it's never enough.
• I love chocolate.
• I make art in silence or with my daughter playing her music. She's three. She's a firecracker.

Here's some inspiration from Diana's gallery.

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