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Saturday 25 December 2010

Taking the Monthly Challenge Up a Notch.....

This month's challenge was
Don't stamp on paper. Don't do it! Find other things to stamp on.....

So I did.  I also got the chance to highlight a product sold on the Bombshell Stamps site, that
everyone always asks about.  So here you go.

Black Temporary Tattoo Body Ink

My family is very odd, to say the least.  So for our Christmas Eve morning we gave each
other the gift of tattoos.  First I will start by sending you some

You can create the look of a real tattoo with rubber stamps, and our temporary tattoo body inkpad!  The ink is safe and non-toxic for kids, specially formulated and made for applying on skin.  It is easy to use and comes out very clearly. 


Of course we took it up a step and added some sharpie which does NOT clean off easily.  So don't add that if it will be a problem.

My daughter colored the heart on my arm....thanks Bella!

Here are some more examples

The sugar skull bracelet is real, but I wanted to see what it would look like to start adding to it.

The my daughter couldn't be happy with JUST an anchor....so she added a little.

How fun would this be to do at a birthday party for kids?
So....now you know.

And, it was a lot of fun.  We added more as the day went on, we are COVERED!


  1. Fantastic!!! We love 'tattooing' with Bombshells!!!

  2. Hehe This is cool!! But I stick to real tattoos.Maybe my little girl will like it for her birthday party next month!

  3. I like my real ones too! But my 11 year old is not ready : )

  4. How cool!!! I should do that since it's likely be the closest I'll get for a while.

  5. This is AMAZING!!! I have some of that ink but rarely use it! Need to... I should do it before I see my brother tomorrow. He is hugely inked.

  6. Wow Kas you did an incredible job with the tattoo ink and it looks like you and your daughters had lots of fun!!! ;D

  7. Kas, these are awesome! I love stamping on myself! But it's been so long...I never thought to do it with my Bombshells! I'm about to go and get REALLY inky!