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Monday 21 February 2011

Making the Most of Your Bombshells: A Tutorial

Hello! It's Alison with a fun little tutorial. With all of my stamps, I am always looking for new ways to reinvent them. Giving them a fresh new look makes me feel like I have a new set of stamps to play with! I was going through my Bombshells, and I noticed that I could swap bodies around a bit. This is not a gory project- I promise! ;)

To start, you need Butterfly Queen and Bombshell Angel.

What we are going to do is put Angel’s head and torso on Butterfly Queen’s legs. So, you don’t need to stamp out the entire image of either. I have made two versions of this “morph,” which is why I have two of each Bombshell.

Color in the skin and the hair. I used pencils for that. You will notice that on Butterfly Queen’s image on the top right I did not color in her belly. You can click on any of the images to see it bigger.

Next, color the outfits. Please note that I completed the line across Angel’s body. She is now wearing a crop top.

On the green version of Angel, I colored her outfit in completely. I used watercolor markers for their outfits.

Cut out all 4 images. I cut around Angel’s hands so that I can slip Butterfly Queen’s bodies underneath. See my finger holding her hand up? Please note that on the blue version, I cut Butterfly Queen’s belly on a curve. Cutting it straight would have been very obvious. But the curve works with Angel’s now-cropped top. Also, I did not keep the upper triangle of the green version of Butterfly Queen (even though I had colored it in).

And here they are in their new bodies and outfits! See? I told you this wasn’t going to be gruesome! They each have new, totally different looks to them!

Here they are on their cards. I love their new looks!

I hope you’ve been inspired! I would love to see you try this technique. What other ways can you transform your Bombshells? I’ve got some more up my sleeve…but that’s for another time! :) Have a great day!!!


  1. Hey,Alison! This is GREAT!! I love it!
    Super idea and very clear tutorial! Thanks!

  2. This is really cool... I need to go start sawing my ladies in half!!!! Thank You Alison for the tutorial.

  3. Great idea Alison. I really like getting more than one image from a stamp. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. wow Alison that is a wicked idea...and your colouring is awesome as always..hugz anita

  5. Alison, I am blown away by this awesome tutorial! What a super way to stretch those bombshells ;D

  6. Great tutorial and great coloring.

    Thanks for the tips!

  7. Alison!!! this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! so beyond fabulous!!! i can't wait to play!!