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Sunday 13 February 2011

Our "Inner" Bombshell

The Bombshell Design Team was challenged to create a project to represent their “Inner Bombshell”. It could be sexy, it could be sultry...they could make it however they “see” their inner Bombshell! Of course, the DT did NOT disappoint! Check out these fabulous projects!

(Cheryl's card is just like her in that it looks sweet at first until you catch the edgy wit. Plus, there's a skull on it and everyone knows that sends her over the moon.)

(Katie is multi-faceted AND multi-talented and is showing the true Gemini that she is…
Make sure to check out the wonderful masking tutorial that Katie posted!)

(Alaine took this challenge to a whole 'nother level! It's amazing what
you can do with an old anatomy catalog!)

(Alison truly IS a retro Bombshell and she has the pictures to prove it!)

Mary G.
(Mary sees her Inner Bombshell as a gorgeous belly dancer who shakes
what she's got- think Shakira!)

(Dawn is a mother to 2 small children...time is not her own and everything she does she
does for them... but still manages to look hot... she’s a MOMshell!)

(Kathi's inner Bombshell is a thin and gorgeous rocker who's looking hot in
her leather and studs!)


(Kelli's inner bombshell is a QUEEN of everything!!!)

(Anita's inner Bombshell is as free as a bird and a scrapper at heart)

Mary H.
(Mary's Inner Bombshell is a rootin' tootin' Western Gal
who does it all in style!)

We hope you will be able to discover YOUR inner Bombshell with Bombshell Stamps!! When you do, make sure to post your creations on the Bombshell Gallery for all to see!


  1. These projects are great! Lots of inspiration here. Congrats on 100 followers!

  2. Gorgeous, Amazing and STUNNING work girls!!!