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Friday 19 August 2011

Envy - a Tutorial

OK... so come on you all... you know you have it... all that PAPER-  - All that wonerful paper that you just HAD to have. And now you are looking at it like WTH was I thinking. If you are like me, you have it sitting in stacks all over the place, but just can't let it go even if you will NEVER use it on a layout or card. Well... There is one way to use it, and to save yourself some other money on Envelopes. I am here to show you a quick way to make an envelope out of one sided paper.

You start with paper that you are really not that excited about having anymore.

You cut the paper to 8.5" by 8.5". Then you get out your favoritist (I love making up some words) scoring tool and score the corners. The first two opposite corners are scored 3 inches from the point. The other two corners are scored 3 and 5/8 inches from the points.

After you have the scores you start folding... You start with the 3" folds and fold in toward the design paper.  Then you fold ONE of the 3 5/8" from the bottom.

After that... You fold under the little bitty corner flap. Next - open up the bottom fold again, and place tape as indicated.

Voila - - You have a finished envy!

This makes a standard A2 card envelope. You can make other sizes as well, just play with your math from school.

Hope this helps you all out, and you can now make your own envelopes and use up all that paper that you wouldn't otherwise use... since it will be inside an envelope AND quite possibly torn up.


  1. Great idea! I know I've got a bunch of paper that I have no idea why I bought it now.:)

  2. Gorgeous results and a great tutorial. I especially love how you used the smaller Bombshell stamps to jazz up old patterned paper.

  3. oh thanks for this!! im gonna do some over the weekend

  4. Cool!!! An Envie worthy to hold your Bombshell card!!

  5. I love the stamping on the inside of the envelope. I actually do have a ton of paper and some cards I need to make envelopes for.

  6. Love making envies to go with my cards. TY for the great tut.

  7. Great toot, Alaine! I've got tons of paper that would be perfect for this. Thanks so much for all the measurements and instructions. You rock, lady!