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Sunday 4 September 2011

Meet Ms. September!

Our September Pin-up, Stempelientje, hails from Holland! Let's meet her!

1. Brief info about yourself, including your name, where you live, your family (if you want), etc.
I am Stempelientje, born in 1962,I live in Groningen, right in the north of the Netherlands, Europe. I am a single mother of a beautiful 8 year old daughter,an almost 15 year old ginger cat and another ginger-like cat who adopted us. :D

2. How long have you been stamping and/or crafting?
I have been crafting since I was four years old, at least,that's what I can remember :lol: I think I got seriously into stamping about five years ago.

3. What are your favorite Bombshell sets and why?
Of the Pin-ups Bombshell Angel is my favorite. I love Speed Shop from the Hot Rod collection and also love of the the Homeward Bound set. It is impossible to just pick one set of favorites...

4. What kind of projects do you like to do?
I am a cardmaker.

5. What are your favorite coloring mediums?

Watercolours and Copic markers

6. Describe your crafting "style".
Plain, straightforward, bold, masculine, or fairytale-like -- well that's how I see it. I have no idea how others see it...

7. Describe your crafting process. Do you start with a stamp set? A sketch? A technique you want to use?
Hehe,that's a good one :lol: I just start, never have a plan, never measure things, I do everthing by eye,I just see what happens.I am too chaotic and impatient to work by a plan. Occasionally I follow a sketch. The colour I use most is red.

8. Do you have any other hobbies?
I love old buildings/architecture, visiting graveyards, animals. surfing the internet.

9. Free for all including little facts, etc. about you.
• I am a vegetarian for 30 years.
• I am also an animal rights activist.
• For ten years I have worked for a famous Dutch Rock & Roll band as a Roadie and Merchandiser/Driver. :D
• I love tattoos and of course had my first one 30 years ago.
• I have lived in three different countries: Germany,United Kingdom and The Netherlands and speak/write those languages also.
* I am a Anglophile and would love to move back to the United Kingdom, that's were my heart is.
* I am a sucker for toadstools/red and white spotted things. People see red and white dots everywhere after they visit my house

Now that you've gotten to know more about Stempelientje, feast your eyes on these three fabulous cards that she's chosen for this interview!

I bet you'll want to see more of Stempelientje's great work, so visit her Bombshell Gallery and her blog!

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  1. Gorgeous! I am just fawning over that ship card and stamp!