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Friday 16 September 2011

What Do YOU want to see???

We Bombshells are trying to keep up a line of tutorials to inspire and help you explore different crafty things every Friday out on our Blog. Now, I have been really open in stating that I am not a trained artist. No... I am really just a girl who likes to color and uses it to relax. I do like trying new techniques and love the tutorials that everyone is posting. But you know what???

The Bombshell Blog is not just about us! It is about YOU!!!! :!: :!: :!:

To that end, I would like you all to share with us some things that maybe you have seen a Bombshell do that you would like to have tutorials on. Or... maybe something you have seen other places and you would like to get a Bombshell-y take on it. Let us know!!!

Please leave a comment here on the blog and let us know what kinds of things you would like to learn about.

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