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Sunday 18 December 2011

Flames to love

I adore Candles in all shapes and forms and especially at this time of year with Winter nights and the Solstice and the New Year - a time for cosy evenings and reflections on the year past and spending time with friend and families.

They can be personalized to suit the occasion or for the person you are sharing with - you can use ribbons, jewels and stamps!!

The easiest way to use stamps is the Tissue Paper method as this gives you control over the image and is a lot of fun. Tissue paper should be found cheap at any packaging store but I got mine with some crockery I purchased so maybe ask your local department store if you could have a sheet - it goes a long way :) even if its crumpled , just iron it flat.

You will need the following supplies:
Stamps & Ink, Tissue Paper, Candles, scrap paper and a Heat gun.
  • Cut the tissue paper to size to fit around the candle.
  • Stamp your image on the tissue paper - make sure you put scrap paper under the tissue paper as it seeps through.
  • Wrap the decorated tissue paper around the candle.

  • Heat the Candle with the heat gun so the wax melts a little and absorbs the tissue paper.
  • Roll the candle to ensure it is smooth. reheat any odd lumps so they go flat.
  • Decorate with ribbon etc if desired.
This one is decorated with the Koi from the "Lotus Garden" Red Rubber stamp set - just perfect for this relaxing candle - maybe for a lavender candle?

You can also stamp individual images and then cut them out and add them to the candle as desired, overlaying them as you want.
This time of year is also the time to remember those who have passed or who are too far away to be part of your celebrations. I make candles that show the part of them that I adore and light it during the festivities.

This was made with the "Vintage Motorcycle" Red Rubber Stamp set. The ability to add designs to the tank and fenders is important to me.
and the awesome thing about tissue paper is that it can be printed through an inkjet printer!! Just tape the tissue paper down on a sheet of printer paper. Then design your image, Print and colour it as you want and then add it to the candle.

I used the super sweet "Gingerbread Pinups" Digital stamps set to make this yummy candle for a sweet toothed friend. Pity they dont make a gingerbread scented candle though so she will have to do with vanilla :)

I hope you enjoy this creative craft and enjoy this time of year with those you love.


  1. Anam, these are fabulous!!!! I've always wanted to try this but I've always "chickened out". You've made it took so easy that I think I'll definitely have to give it a try!!! Thanks!!

  2. Those are soooo fantastic. I had no idea that you could run tissue paper through an inkjet printer! Cool!

    I've been wanting to do this for ages, have been eyeing blank pillar candles, and maybe, just maybe might actually do this soon.

  3. I've always wondered how to do this! Thank you, Anam, for showing us how!!!

    Oh Kathi...the things I've run through my inkjet printer would make you shudder, but I doubt (knowing me like you do) it would surprise you.

  4. Gorgeous Candles and Awesome Tutorial... Thanks Anam!!! Happy Holidays!!!