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Friday 30 December 2011

Recycle / Altering tutorial

This is ideal if you want to give money as a present and don't want to put it in a boring envelope....
-A can with a pull lid
-Special can opener that doesn't leave sharp edges
-Bombshell stamps
-Stamping ink
-Colouring materials ( I used Copics)
1.Get a can with a pull ring lid.Do NOT open the can by pulling the lid,but open it with a special can opener.
2.Empty content ( I did eat it ...) and clean the can,and get the label off.
3.Measure the height and width of the can and cut out paper in a rectangle to stamp on.Make sure it overlaps when it goes around the can.
4. Stamp your paper and colour you images.
5.Glue the paper all around the can and make sure it overlaps.
6.Put a small present or money in the can.
7.Shut the lid with superglue and ready is your own made can!


  1. Great idea. I can't wait to try it!

  2. This is fun to do and my nieces and nephews get a real kick out of it. They haven't figured it out yet.

  3. Awesome Tutorial Stempe... I love it and will need to remember this one!!! Have a wonderful and safe New Year!!!

  4. I did this once using the little individual fruit containers to put candy in for Valentine's Day...I had forgotten all about this! Thanks for jobbing my memory!!! Looks great!

  5. Wow this is cool! I need to find a can opener like that...anyone have suggestions where I might find one? And how does it glue back on?

  6. The can opener I bought on a market,good cooking shops should have it too.And you just can put some glu on the lid of the can before you put it back on,this can opener leaves a a small ridge.

  7. I have seen these before and thought they would make a perfect container for a gift.
    Love that you put a gift card in it, such a cool idea :)

  8. This is great! Love the idea of upcycling a pull-top can into a gift card holder! So clever, Stempie!

  9. Great tutorial & project. I've always wanted to try this & you've inspired me!