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Friday 2 March 2012

Partial Nestie Cutting

This is also known as the Out of the Box Technique. There are a lot of tutorials on this out there, but I wanted to give you my take on it. It is a great technique that lends itself well to several of the Bombshells.

First step is to stamp your image, and find the Nestie that you want to use with it. This Nestie from the Creative Book Pages set works really well with the Alter Skulls image, but it doesn't quite fit. You can see in the image below where it kind of hangs out the bottom. But I REALLY wanted the top,  because it went so well with the shape of the candles. So I decided to use the partial Nestie Technique.

The first step is to place the Nestie on the image where you want it. Outline two corners where you DO want the Nestie to cut, so you can place the Nestie a second time. Take a ruler and place it over the Nestie where the cutting edge is that you do NOT want cut. Draw a pencil line on either side.

Cut along the edge of the image past the pencil mark. You need to cut perpendicular to the Nestie edge that you do not want cut over (also the pencil line you drew). So Since I do not want the bottom cut with the Nestie I need to cut up from the bottom of the image. Do this on both sides.  If I had wanted it to hang out the side, I would have cut from the side in, instead of the bottom up.

Once you have both sides cut to about a 1/4 inch above the pencil lines, slide the Nestie from the bottom up (in this case) to fit where it hangs over the Nestie in the area you don't want it cut. Match the Nestie back up with the outlines you drew earlier. This is where tape comes in pretty dang handy. I use scotch tape and I attach the Nestie to the outer paper so it won't slide around.

I run it through my machine and end up with something that looks a bit like this:

Now you get out your handy dandy scissors... and cut along the remaining uncut edge.

My final image ended up looking like this:

As you can see, the Nestie I chose works VERY well with the shape of the image - except for the bottom.... So this technique is just right for this.

I hope you enjoyed this, and if you haven't ever tried this technique it encourages you to give it a try.  Please come back next week. I am going to share a tiny Copic coloring techniques using this same image.

Please also, check out some of the Challenges we have going on. Also - there is still a Design Team call for our Monthly Pin-ups... check it out!


  1. Wow this is very clear and looks easy to do,Thanks Alison! BTW awesome nestie,must be a new one? I haven't seen it before,goes really well with Bombshells!

  2. Excellent tut!!! LOVE the card!!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous project and a fantastic tutorial.

    1. I just re-read your description and am absolutely elated that you will be back next week with a tutorial on how you colored that image so gorgeously.

      BTW, now I need to go look at the book nesties. Drat-it-all!

  4. Great tutorial - I will have to try this!!

  5. Great tutorial, thanks!!! I've always struggled with this and your tutorial makes it very clear for me to understand!!

  6. Awesome toot! AND I love the colored image! Can't wait to see your tips and tricks for coloring this bad boy ;D