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Friday 9 November 2012

Friday Tutorial - Fall Vase Wrap

Hi Everyone! 

Today's tutorial is on using your Bombshell Stamps to create a Fall Vase Wrap.  I love decorating for the different seasons through out the year and since it's fun, easy and cheaper to make my own decorations then buy them, that's what I do!  I use this vase year round and just change up the outside wrap to fit the season/holidays. 

-Bombshell Stamps Indian Princess (I used the Digi Set)- Indian Princess, Dream Catcher(x2), Large Feather(x2), Small Feather(x2)
- Vase (I bought this glass vase at my local dollar store)
- piece of Burlap or Jute - 4 inches in height (width - you will need enough to wrap around your vase plus one inch)
- Velcro
- Colored Pencils
- Printer, cardstock and Ink (or cardstock and ink if you use the rubber stamp set)
- pop dots
- glue
- measuring tape
- Flowers to fill your vase!

How To:

-Print out or stamp the Indian Princess, Dream Catcher(x2), Large Feather(x2), Small Feather(x2) and color with colored pencils (or markers if you prefer).  Then fussy cut the images out with your scissors.

- Measure around your vase and take that width and add about another 1/2 - 1 inch and then cut your jute or burlap to that width.  (ex - my vase is 11 inches so I cut the jute to 12 inches wide).
  I used a jute bag that I already had.  After taking out the seams it was in 2 pieces, so I sewed the middle together with some clear thread. 

- Next add velcro to the ends so you can secure the jute wrap around the vase.

-Place pop dots underneath the Indian Princess and place the image toward the middle of the jute wrap. (If the pop dots adhesive backing isn't strong enough to stay on the jute, you may need to use glue to adhere the pop dots to it)
-Then using glue adhere the dream catchers and feathers onto the jute/burlap to the right side of the Indian Princess.  Once dry, attach the wrap to the vase.

And that's it!  Your vase is ready to decorate your house.  Mine is currently sitting on my mantle. 

Have a Happy Fall Friday!
- Kim


  1. This is a wonderful centerpiece for fall. I would never have thought of something like this. Thanks for the inspiration