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Friday 4 January 2013

Last minute make a gift

Hey friends :) EMILY here with my Gift post. Sorry I have been MIA this round with you all, but I have been out with work and personal life. But I am back and ready for action!!!

This project is a triple threat for you!!! Its my MONDAY MUSE!!! For the Pinstripes set, its my Blog Hop (that I wasnt around for!!-- sorry about that) and its my Tutorial Friday idea!!! ;) How great right?!

My daughter is in town, so I better get a move on! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)

Things you will need:
white gift wrap tissue paper
Stamps- Pinstripes used
Candle-- Unscented
wax paper
and a heat gun

--Stamp images on a strip of tissue thats the width of the candle. You can cut pieces out, but I chose to do a wrapped piece.

--Place tissue on candle, then wrap wax paper around the candle and the tissue. (I typically do this, but I am out of wax paper, as I did the cool mom thing and made rice krispies with my baby bombshell the other day and I am out.)

-- Heat it up and be careful not to burn the paper or leave in one area for too long!!

Pretty simple Idea for a great and easy gift. :)

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