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Friday 15 November 2013

Fabulous Friday Tutorial- Tin time!

I find something so wonderful about decorating little tins and then opening them to reveal treasure within! Of course most of the time these tins contain minty mints but I'm going to show you how you can transform them into a treasure trove for all sorts of goodies!

Here's what you need:

A Tin
Some patterned papers, don't use anything too THICK or it's trickier to mould the paper into the corners of the tin. I've used Prima 6x6" papers as they have a pattern quite small which works with size of the tin!
Wet glue this sticks the paper to the tin firmly but lets you move it slightly to line it up!
Tape runner

First I like to start with the lid:
Measure your paper against the edge of the lid and allow extra to form a flap and make sure it's a long enough strip of paper to go all the way round the lid of your tin with a little overlap.

Stick the strip onto the edge of the tin with wet glue:

...then snip into rim of paper to make little flaps which are easier to mould around the edge of the tin lid and stick them down with wet glue.

..the edge of your tin lid is now covered you need to repeat this process for the lower part of the tin being careful to measure and cut the tabs as above:

...you can see I have NOT covered the area where the tin lid covers the body of the tin- this allows the tin to close smoothly.

Now you need to cover the top of the tin lid and the bottom of the tin.
I use the tin as a template and draw carefully around it onto the BACK of the paper with pencil.

I then trimmed about 1/4" inside my pencil line

..and stuck this piece of cut paper to the top of my tin this time using a tape runner for speed.

Repeat this process for the bottom of the tin and the outside of your tin is all covered- you can stop at this stage if you want but I like to cover the inside of the tin and here's how I do it:

I start with the inside edge of the tin with a strip of paper that is twice the depth of the tin edge and I push and mould it into the corners with my fingers this makes it easier to fit properly when you glue it..

...you also have a crease so you know where to cut your tabs to help your paper fit better...

 ...cut your tabs on the lower folded piece...

...now glue in place....and repeat with the inner tin lid- this is fiddly as it's a SMALL lip but take your time and measure, trim your tabs and mould the paper applying with wet glue...

To complete the inner parts of the tin you need to draw around the tin again onto the back of your patterned paper and this time trim about 6/8th" inside your drawn line. When the inner sections of paper fit stick in place with wet glue.

Now your tin is all covered it's time to Bombshell it all up!!

I stamped and coloured Ahoy Sailor and cut her out, mounting her on a Spellbinders decorative oval which I attached to the top to the tin lid but as I said I like finding little things INSIDE these tins so...

...I stamped out, coloured and cut out various Bombshell stamps from the Ahoy Sailor and Homeward Bound stamp sets and added them inside the tin!

So there you have it-an altered tin which doesn't take long, you can substitute washi tape or soft for the edging bits to make the process quicker and you can add whatever treasure you want to the inside!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

Happy Crafting!


  1. wow this project totaly rocks! Thank you indeed sharing the step by step Project in Process amazing work! xoxo SanDee1899

  2. This is awesome, Katie! Love all the details! :)

  3. i love it. so fun. i got this set and some paper. lifting it. thanx