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Sunday 3 November 2013

Meet Ms. November!

We're delighted to welcome Kas Mello back to the Bombshell fold as our Ms. November. Kas had been a Bombshell Girl for several terms and is known for her eclectic style.

Here's a little interview with her so that you can get to know her better!

1. Brief info about yourself, including your name, where you live, your family (if you want), etc.
Kas Mello here...Homesick Bombshell girl. I currently live in South Carolina after living all over the US and Italy. I have been crafting FOREVER. I stamp, scrapbook, crochet, and make jewelry. I currently teach at Michaels and I am a contributing designer for Scrap n' Art Magazine.

2. How long have you been stamping and/or crafting? 

FOREVER..Honestly, I have been doing some sort of crafting since I was a toddler...(thanks Mom).

3. What are your favorite Bombshell sets and why?

That's a hard question, but others might tell you my favorite set is the Sugar Skulls.

4. What kind of projects do you like to do? 
I love altering things. Books, boxes, whatever I find really.

5. What are your favorite coloring mediums? 
I do love Copic markers, but I also like colored pencils.

6. Describe your crafting "style". 

 My crafting style is odd, rough, and quirky.

7. Describe your crafting process. Do you start with a stamp set? A sketch? A technique you want to use?
It depends, sometimes I let the object "speak to me". I look for weird discarded things to switch up and some things just scream for certain stamps and colors. Other times I just get in the mood to color a certain stamp and I see where it leads me.

8. Do you have any other hobbies? 

Aside from crafting and listening to loud music...hmmm

9. Free for all including little facts, etc. about you.

I used to be a recording engineer and video editor when I lived in LA. I have THE most eclectic taste in music. I am a Spotify Junkie.

Now that you've learned a bit more about Kas, here are some examples of her fantastic Bombshell artwork!

Since I know you'll want to see more of Kas' artwork, here are links to:
Kas's Bombshell Gallery
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