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Friday 10 January 2014

Custom Envelope

The envelope punch board is all the rage these days, but I've been making custom size envelopes for ages.   The punch board makes the triangle tipped envelopes.   Here's a way to make square/rectangle flap envelopes and you can make them just about any size you'd like.

For this envelope I chose to make a large square flap "save" envelope.  It can also be used as a gift card envelope or even a gift card itself.  

First step is figuring out what size envelope I want.   So I measured a bill, added some wiggle room and decided I wanted an 3"x7" envelope.

So I drew a sketch to help show the size.   I added half an inch on each side.  The bottom flap that becomes the pocket of the envelope is roughly 2/3 the size of the envelope.   Since I'm making an envelope 3" tall, that flap is going to be 2".   Normally I'd make the fold over flap large enough for a 1/2 inch overlap, but in this case I want the fold over flap the same size as the card - that is 3".  Total size paper for my envelope is 8"x8"  

Time to score my creases.   
I scored half an inch on the two sides.   

Then I scored at 2 inches for my fold up flap that forms the pocket of my 3x7 envelope.   The envelope is 3 inches tall, so my next score line is at 5 inches (2" + 3" = 5").  The remainder of the paper is for the fold over flap.

Crease all of the score lines with a bone folder and then trim off  the sections as shown.  You'll want to leave flaps on the center segment to construct the envelope.

Add adhesive to the flap that will fold up to form the pocket.   I used a Score Tape type of adhesive that gives me a solid bond.   

Voila!  I've made an envelope just the right size to hold some money.   

Here's a quick picture of it folded closed with the large flap.  Remember I made it the same size as the envelope on purpose.   

Now to decorate the envelope.  I just wanted a motorcycle stamped on the flap.  I used Bombshell Stamps Harley Bikes.   It doesn't look like much as I first stamped it since I have such a busy background.   So time to get busy with some of my Copic markers.   And in case you're curious, the print is from 7 Gypsies. 

And the finished product.   This will be a great envelope to stash away a bit of cash for that next treat or trip that I'm saving for.   

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