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Friday 17 January 2014

Stickle me this!!!!

Howdy all! It is Friday and that means Fabulous Friday Tutorial Time! I have been PULLING out all my Stickles and having fun with them. I know a lot of people have bunches and bunches of Stickles - Like I do - but rarely pull them out (ehem - Kathi). I have even gotten mine out so much recently that I re-organized and hung them upside down from my cabinets so I can see them.

The thing I like about Stickles - they are all glittery goodness... but the glue part is clear - allowing you to put the Stickles on as thickly or as thinly as needed to create all sorts of goodness. This way you can allow the coloring underneath to shine through.

The first image above, is Madonna Woodcut all colored in pretty blues, yellows and purples. The Stars are the only open spot on here. No color there - So the first thing I did was to add silver Stickles to the stars. 

You can see that more close up here.  
But wait - that is just big globs. So in the next step, over the "suns rays" where I have graduated color, I wanted a little but of sparkle, but not overshadowing. I could have done this with a Stardust pen, but this is where the Stickles are so good. Because they are colored glitter - you can get it and add it and spread it out.  

I have used it with a paintbrush, but for things like this - these tight spaces - I use a straight pin. 

For this image I then highlighted the dark purple areas with the purple stickles. Again, I wanted the purple area I colored to show through, but I wanted to add some depth to the dark areas.

As a final step - I took mermaid stickles and outlined the darker blue areas of the image with them.

Once done, you can see the different colored glitters, but still see the lovely sparkly sprinkly on top.

So we have covered edging and spreading and highlighting. How about just plain old coloring?

For this tag below I took some little hats from Calaveras Fiesta and the cherries from Cherry Bomb and colored them completely with Stickles. Once they were dry, I cut them out, and made my own little embellishments. Specifically colored the way I wanted. Not only are they textured - but they are also really sparkly!

 Once everything was applied I used my Black Stickles to outline the To and the From, and to add sparkle to the dots on the edging.

I hope that this encourages you to pull out your poor neglected Stickles or other glitter glue and have some fun!!!!

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