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Sunday 29 June 2014

Leather Bombshell Banner Necklace Tutorial

Hey Bombshells!

Using a thin piece of scrap leather, I created a Bombshell Banner Necklace. 
- black leather scraps
- Tsukineko Brilliance Archival Pigment Ink Pad in Moonlight White
- Mod Podge and 1 inch Sponge Brush
- fabric scissors
- 1.5mm Short Jaw Hole Punch Plier (mine are by Vintaj)
- small clear acrylic/plastic (optional - but you can use old plastic packaging)
- jump rings, beads, wire, chain, clasp
- jewelry pliers (round nose, chain nose, flat nose, and wire cutters)
- embossing heat tool

First, stamp the banner stamp onto the black leather scrap with Tsukineko Brilliance Archival Pigment Ink Pad in Moonlight White.
Next, using an embossing heat tool, carefully dry the ink and heat set it. Make sure not to burn the leather or keep the heat tool in one spot for too long.
Using fabric scissors, cut the stamped image out leaving a black border.
Create holes on the top sides of the leather banner with hole punch pliers, making sure not to punch a hole too close to the edge. I first punch a clear acrylic scrap (which is really just recycled clear packaging from embossing folders) and then the leather, so the hole punch does not leave an indentation in the leather. (I use the same method when punching holes in metal as well.)
After both holes have been punched, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge (from left to right) with a 1 inch sponge brush to lightly seal the ink. At first it will look like the ink smeared, but if the coat is light enough (and was dried well before coating) the ink is usually fine when it is dry. Note: I only mod-podged the top of the banner because the back of this piece of leather is soft so I don't mind it touching my skin. If yours is rough underneath you may want to back it with a soft piece of felt or fabric.
After the leather banner has completely dried, attach your jump rings, wire looped beads, chain, and clasps to finish the necklace off.
I can't wait to make more of these with some of the other banner stamps!

Happy Bombshell Craftin'!
 - Kim

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