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Tuesday 3 June 2014

Meet Ms. June!

We're thrilled that Cheryl Valadez, one of our past Bombshell Girls, will be joining us again as Bombshell's Ms. June! Cheryl brings her incredible coloring and fabulous design skills to the table. You will most definitely be inspired by her artwork!

Cheryl was interviewed back in January, 2011, so I emailed her some new questions to answer, so you could learn more about this talented artist!

Here's her new interview!
1) Way back when, your favorite Bombshell set was 'Til Death. Has this changed? If so, what's your new favorite set and why?  
My Bombshell heart still belongs to ’Til Death.  The perfect stamp set with the perfect sentiment.

2) Let's talk favorites. What's your favorite color combination? Do you have a favorite paper company? What's your favorite embellishment?  
My favorite color combo at the moment is blue greens used in conjunction with lime greens. You’ll see this frequently show up in my projects if you scroll through my blog.  Also, I’m crazy about turquoise, red, and black together.  It has a definite Dia de los Muertos feel for me.  As for favorite paper companies, I’d have to say ALL OF THEM!  LOL!  Finally, embellishments…it seems that in every project there is always room for a little black button with a bit of twine. 

3) Now let's talk about paper crafting style! Do you have a favorite style? How has your style evolved over time? Is there a style you don't like or just can't do?  
I go back and forth between using a lot of embellishments and using very few embellishments.  I used to be big on paper flowers, but now not so much.  Clean and simple has never been in my vocabulary, so  CAS has always and continues to elude me.  I just can’t swing it no matter how hard I try.

4) Can you share some special paper crafting tips (coloring, paper layering, etc.)?  
I typically layer with patterned papers combined with solid black or kraft papers.  I rarely use colored solids.  This makes it easy to pick out papers because everything goes with black and kraft.  Plus I don’t have to spend time struggling to match colored solids with patterned paper and I don’t have to find a place in my craft space to maintain and organize a ton of different colored solids.  Plus black and kraft colored layers automatically give my projects a bit of vintage look which I like.  

5)  Do you have any tips for using Bombshell stamps?  

Bombshell Stamp images pair well with Copic markers and provide an excellent resource for practicing skin combos.

6) Do you like to combine sets of Bombshell stamps and create scenes? 
I do!  I love that most of the Bombshell Stamp images are designed to work together in numerous combinations.

7) Do you listen to music, watch tv, or prefer silence when you craft?
The past couple of years, I have been big on listening to Podcasts when I craft.  My favorites are The Nerdist, WTF, and Dinner Party Download…all extremely entertaining. 

8) Where do you find inspiration? 
It’s all around us all the time, so I might see something on TV or the Internet, or something might catch my eye when I’m driving.  Colors, images, even sounds can be very inspiring.

9) When your mojo has departed the station, how do you get it back?
I stamp an image and just start coloring.  Even if I haven’t a clue how I’m going to use it in a project.  If I get started on coloring then usually the rest of the card/project starts to take shape after that.

10) If you could give advice to a beginning paper crafter, what would it be? 

Just jump in!  I teach Copic classes and have folks tell me that they hesitate to use their Copics because they're afraid their projects will not turn out well.  Getting started is half the battle, but you’ll find that once you jump in you’re more apt discover something you really love, whether it’s coloring, playing with mixed media, collaging, etc.  The only thing that can hold you back is never giving it a try. 

Here are three of Cheryl's favorite Bombshell projects, featuring the Lucky Bride, Mermaid Treasure, Homeward Bound, Rose's Portrait, and Sacred Heart sets!

Now that you've feasted your eyes on some amazing eye candy, click on over to Cheryl's blog and become a follower!

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