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Friday 25 July 2014

Fabulous Friday Tutorial - Bombshell Cork Coasters

Hi Bombshells!

Kim here with a Fabulous Friday Tutorial!  Bombshell Cork Coasters!

Bombshell Stamps - Tiki Party, Hula Girl, Hawaiian Girl
Cork Coasters - 4 pack from a craft store (I purchased mine at Michael's)
Tsukineko Memento Ink in Tuxedo Black
Copic Markers
Mod Podge
Paint Brush

First stamp the stamps of your choice onto the cork coasters using Tsukineko Memento Ink and let dry completely. I let mine dry overnight.
 Next, color in your stamped images with Copic Markers. I found that light or bright colored Copics worked best, and to only color in parts of some images so the whole image is not lost. Let these completely dry also. Mine took a few hours.
Then apply a coat of Mod Podge with a paint brush only onto the colored/stamped image areas. Let dry completely overnight.
Once they are completely dry, they are ready to use! All you need is a good luau! (Or a good drink!)
Note: I have used my coasters several times and they have held up pretty well. After a few uses some of the color has come off and lightened slightly. I have only used them for outdoor bbq's. These are great if you aren't using them frequently. And they just look cool!!!  If you find that your images are bleeding or the marker is coming off of the coaster you may need to use a thicker coat of Mod Podge or a stronger sealer.

Happy Friday Bombshells!
- Kim

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