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Monday 31 October 2011

Forum Party and a Tutorial

   We are so partying on the Forum - there are a horde of amazing contest and challenges and some pretty spiffy prizes. Pop over here to the Forum or just scroll down to join the party.   This project uses Senora Muerta (check the next entry for a super contest with this image).

  Dining with the Bombshells

     Halloween dinner party here we come.  This was a simple (not necessarily easy project) that I have wanted to try all month.  I saw some dinner ware with a black Halloween motif and a large orange border in a magazine and it was quite out of my reach money wise.  Well, I soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted to try it with Senora Muerta.    After searching for the right products to make this work, here is what I came up with.

Here is the supplies I used:

Plain glass plate from the Dollar Store
Alcohol and cotton ball
Lots of paper towels (for mistakes and Let me tell you I made lots)
Unmounted rubber stamp – Bombshell Stamps Senora Muerta
Black and Orange Martha Stewart Multi-Surface High Gloss Acrylic Craft Paint
Sponge dapper and small paint brush and a paper plate for a palette

     The first thing I did was to wash my plates and then wipe down the surface I was going to work on with alcohol so that I had a perfect working surface.  Next I added black paint to my stamp using a wide sponge dapper.  Make sure that the paint isn’t too thick or your impression will not show detail.

     Next place the image in the center of the plate and then add pressure to capture the details.  My plates have a slightly concave center which is why I use an unmounted stamp. 

     Carefully remove the stamp and check your image.  If the image isn’t clear or not complete wipe off with paper towel and clean the plate with alcohol and start again.   Like I said simple but not easy, unless you are using a simple line stamp.

     After stamping my image, I added a border around my plate using a small paint brush and more craft paint. 

     With this technique the plates dry rather quickly but they do need to “cure” for 21 days before using them.  The paint is non-toxic so you can use them to eat from.  They are also supposed to be dishwasher safe for the top rack, but I will be washing my by hand.