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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Bombshell T-shirt Tutorial

     This is a project that I have had in mind for quite some time and finally tried out.  You can experience first hand how it went.  I really like my finished product.
     Now, here is the really, really important part of this tutorial, perhaps even the hardest.  Pretend that the model is slim and beautiful.  Told you it would be hard.  Now for the actual tutorial part of this tutorial.

For this project you will need

1 t-shirt that has been pre-washed
a colored stamped image
Avery t-shirt transfer paper
computer printer/scanner
Iron and ironing board

    Print off your Geisha Bombshell or stamp your desired image.

     Color image as desired with whatever technique you wish to use.  You can even paper piece at this point if you like. Then cut out your image, fussy cutting is best.

         Scan the image into your computer and increase to the desired size using whatever program works on your computer.  I used the built in program in my printer/scanner.  Print out image to make sure it is exactly what you want to have on your t-shirt.

    Now copy the image onto a t-shirt transfer product made for computer copiers.  I used Avery T-shirt Transfers. Again, cut out the image this time leaving a slight border around the image.

     Iron image onto t-shirt following manufactures' directions.
     Careful peel off paper backing.
     Finished product
      I'm thinking a matching card or tag and gift bag and you have a neato gift.  I see several showing up in my Christmas giving pile.


  1. THIS IS TRULY AMAZING!!! Oh I must try this!! SOOOOOOOOOO fab!!

    Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial!

    Crafty Hugs!

  2. What a bodacious model! And the tee ain't bad either! Great job, awesome tutorial! Just love it!

  3. Wow... what an awesome tutorial!!! I will need to try this!! I am going to add it to my Pinterest... so I don't forget about it!!! Thanks so much Mary for this awesome demo!!! Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!