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Monday 14 November 2011

How to mask stamps & take away some detail

I´ve used this things to mask my stamps and
to take away the cherry.
Put the tape at the cherry, before you use
the black ink.
After ink, take away the tape and there
is no color at the cherry.
This technique have you seen many times before
I think, but I will remind you of it! =)
And, told you how to think...

ALWAYS stamp the motive FIRST
that you want to have in the FRONT.

Stamps the lady at a paper and cut her out.
(The pink paper here)
Stamp her again where you want it.
(I use white watercolor paper.)
Put the pink one, over the white one.
Stamp with the motive you want to
be masked with your lady.
I want her to sit on the bike.
It´s kind of cool, is´nt it!
But, the lady is a liiiitle bit to big,
but it does´nt matter, I love the combination.
I´ve made the same with the lady and the wings...
She looks good as a fairy girl too.
And... same thing with the flames...
A really hot chick!

Big hugs, Milo Lilja.


  1. Very cool technique! Thank you for sharing the instructions!:)

  2. Repositionable Scotch Tape is a MUST HAVE in my stamping tool box too!

    I never would have thought to put her on a motorcycle or to have her with flames.

    Very cool.

  3. Good tips for masking & good ideas for using Bombshells in a different way.

  4. AWESOME Milo!!! Sweet tutorial!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  5. Awesome Tutorial Milo!!! I love it and your examples are perfect!!!