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Wednesday 2 November 2011

Did Someone Mention Prizes?

Did someone mention prizes?

Hello everyone, Ms November here. I just thought I'd post one of the prizes up for grabs in our contests. Here are some cards made by me! Most of these cards were created using the Butterfly Queen set, my set to play with for the month.

Butterflies and Candy using the Butterfly Queen set

Silver Butterflies using the Butterfly Queen set

Moonlit Mermaid using the Mermaid Treasure Set
This is my entry to the Howl at the Moon contest! 

Retro Bombshell using the Butterfly Queen set 

Another Retro Girl using the Butterfly Queen set

I hope you all like these cards and please have fun with all of our contests! 


  1. Gorgeous cards, Celina! I especially love the moon one.:)

  2. I agree the mermaid one in the moonlight is so intriguing. Peace, Mary Helen

  3. These are all wonderful, but I have to agree, the moonlight mermaid is phenomenal!!