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Monday 3 December 2012

Muse Monday: Pin-Stripes: Week 1

Hello Bombshell Stamps fans! Alison here, and today I am going to tell you about the December Muse Monday. What's Muse Monday, you ask? Well, each month I pick a stamp set that I want the Design Team to work with. Each Monday of the month, different Design Team members show off that set in their own unique style. Our goal is to give you some fresh ideas, and to inspire you to use these sets as well! This month, I went with Pin-Stripes. I adore this set. I use it pretty frequently. And hopefully, after this month, you will want to do the same. Here's what Pin-Stripes looks like.

This is what I made using this set.

It's a glitter-iffic ornament! The ornament started as a clear, plastic cube. I coated the inside with floor wax, and then a coat of clear glitter. Next I inked up my stamps using a glue pad, and stamped the left image. Added the glitter. Stamped the right image. More with the glitter. Then I did the center, and I bet you can figure out what I did next....more glitter! I added a pretty tinsel ribbon, and voila! It's ready for my mom's Victorian/Steampunk tree.

Here's what Sparkly Mary created. It's a gift card holder for a local tattoo parlor.


Thanks for visiting the Bombshells today! Be sure to come back next Monday, for the next installment of Muse Monday, featuring Pin-Stripes! Have a fabulous day!