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Thursday 20 December 2012

Bombshell Star Ornament - Tutorial

For yesterday's Bombshell Pin-Up Challenge I made a star ornament featuring the Bombshell Stamped image from the Bombshell Angel and a star ornament cutting file I created.  Here's how I made it and I'd like to share the cutting files I made.

Cutting Files:  MTC or SVG

1. Cut two stars using the star ornament cutting file.  Link to file above.   I'll recommend a double sided print.  I used some Basic Grey (Fruitcake collection) and cut it using my KNK Zing.  I designed the star cutting file using Make the Cut software.

2.  Take one of the stars and fold up or rather curl up the four cut out points.

3. Punch out two 3/4 inch circles inch circles from scraps.   Apply some strong adhesive to one.  Score Tape works great.   And join all of the points onto the circle.   Note that I used a half inch circle to begin with, but it just didn't give me enough of a bonding surface and I then applied a larger circle later.

4. Apply adhesive to the other 3/4 inch circle and adhere to the top.  Set aside. 

5.  Take the second star.  I want the solid side visible.  So I'll fold the points to the print side as they'll be sticking out the back of the ornament for more 3D.   

6.  Fold up the cut out points with a hard crease.


7.  Flip the second star over and apply some strong adhesive to the center of the piece.  Score Tape or ATG adhesive work great.

8. Join the two stars.

9. Apply a stamped and cut out image to the front of the star.  The 3/4 inch circle is your mounting point.

10.  Apply a ribbon, string, or hanger to one off the star points and you're ready to decorate.

And here's the finished product.  Note that you can resize the cutting file and cut the stars any size you like.  

Hope you like this Tutorial.
from Ms. December - Monika Franziska, PaperChrome


  1. I LOVE this Monika....very clever star :) These will definitely be on my Christmas project list for next year! Thanks so much for the files and instructions. Merry Christmas to you!