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Saturday 22 December 2012

Motorcycle Ball Ornament - Tutorial

Here's how I made the motorcycle ball ornament for last Wednesday's post - the December Get Ornamental Challenge.   I used the Bombshell Harley Bikes Stamp set for this ornament.  Here's how  I made it.

1. For supplies, you'll need:

  • A glass or plastic ornament
  • Stazon ink
  • A stamp set of your choice - I used  Bombshell Harley Bikes Stamp 
  • A transparency sheet. 
  • Alcohol or solvent markers such as Copics and/or Sharpies
  • Filler for the ornament such as cotton, Styrofoam balls, etc.

2.  Stamp the image using Stazon onto a transparency sheet. 

3.  Flip the transparency over.  This is critical as you don't want to color on the same side you stamped with Stazon.   The alcohol or solvent markers will not mix well with Stazon. 

4. Color on the reverse side of the transparency.   You'll need to do a touch and lift technique as the ink will pool on the transparency and the ink will need to dry.  Also touch up any part of the stamped image with a black Sharpie as the Stazon ink will pool on large solid areas.

5. Cut out the image after it is dry.   Handle carefully.

6. Roll up the cut out image and gently insert it into the ornament.

7.  Use a long slender object to help unroll and position the stamped image inside of the ornament.

8.  Add filler to the ornament.   I used some cotton and glitter, but probably could have skipped the glitter as it ended up sticking to the glass ball itself.

9.  Add some ribbon and you're ready to go.   I add some adhesive strip to the top of the ornament, wrap the ribbon and tie a bow.   Anytime I've just placed ribbon onto a glass ornament with just glue dots, it rarely help up.

Hope you like this Tutorial.
from Ms. December - Monika Franziska, PaperChrome