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Friday 12 April 2013

Fabulous Friday Tutorial

Good Afternoon I'm sorry I'm a bit behind today the final arrival of some warmer weather in the UK has brought out the germ's with it but we've waited so long for spring to arrive I'm going take Paracetamol Honey and Lemon( maybe a  little Whiskey too.........shush!!!) in abundance and get on with it!!!

This is my first Tutorial I think for Bombshell Stamps so lets hope its OK!

Today's Fabulous Friday Technique is to use a

 Baby Wipe Ink Pad.

The supplies you will need are:
Baby wipes.
Stamping card.
Stamps I have used the Mermaid Anchor Set from Bombshell Stamps.
A selection of Re-inkers 
( I have used Stampin Up re-inker's in "Not Quite Navy" "Tempting Turquoise" 
"Bashful Blue" & "Garden Green") 
A large Acrylic Block and a rocker Block (not shown)

First take one baby wipe and fold in half and lay on your acrylic block,


Take your first colour of ink and just let drops fall onto the baby wipe but making sure your don't let them drop to close together.

 With the second colour fill in a few of the gaps.

Do this until you have filled all the gaps but also making sure your ink pad is big enough for your chosen stamp to get covered in one application.

Now assemble your stamping card, stamp and rocker block, I like to use a foam stamping mat with blocks as I get a more even print.

Apply you stamp to the baby wipe and just press once.

I'm going to create a backing paper with the two Dolphin's from Mermaid Anchor Set.
Cover your stamping card with your chosen image(s) 
Like so!

Here's my finished card.


  1. Neat tutorial and kewl technique.

  2. This is very cool! I will definitely be trying this out!