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Wednesday 31 July 2013

July Hump Day Hop: Paint the Town!

Happy Hump Day Hop Day! This month's hop theme is called, "Paint the Town." So I wanted everyone to break out some paint! Splatter it, brush it on, drip it...just use paint somewhere on your project. And don't forget about all of those fabulous sprays that many of is have...they count too, so spray away!

There Bombshell forum has been having some glitches, so we needed to have signups over on our Bombshell Babes Facebook page. Thankfully, we still have a great group of gals for you to hop with today! So get ready to be inspired, and grab your paintbrushes....'cause if you haven't painted with Bombshells yet, I am pretty sure after today, you will want to! Here is the full hop list. Enjoy!

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