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Tuesday 3 September 2013

Ms. September's Challenge!

Jenn Cochran, Bombshell's Ms. September, has issued a "Layer It Up" challenge. Use at least three layers of paper, paint, ink, ribbon, etc. to create your Bombshell project.

Here are some of the multi-layered projects by our Bombshell Girls and Pin-Ups!

Here are 5 layers piled on nice and neat...  a striped stamped card base, an embossed white layer, a teal mat, another background stamped layer in coral, and then that wicked devil from Bombshell Stamps' Cherry Bomb set.

Here's a shot from the side so you can really see the layered dimension.  Two sets of layers are adhered using some dimensional adhesive for even more pop.  

 Alaine has a whopping 8 layers in one little area under the bow. :-) She used Peek-A-Boo Geisha.

Kim used 4 layers of cardstock and 3 layers of Coffins

Susie has used Panther Tattoo and 5 layers of card, papers and photos.



  1. Now i gotta get my stuff out and play. Can i post without a blog?

    1. Sure! If you have a Flickr account (or photohosting acct) you can post your take on their and then link it up here.

  2. i'm trying the flickr link. hope it works

    1. It works! Sorry about all those replies before, that's what I get for trying to respond from my phone!

  3. ahoy...thanx Kim for the instructions. i'll wrokd on getting a blog together