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Friday 6 September 2013

Fabulous Friday Tutorial -"Using Scraps"

Hi Everyone - Sharon aka Ms June here with a quick and easy tutorial for using scraps of paper.
LOL my last tutorial was using old book pages - you may be able to tell that I have a "hoarding" problem and find it very difficult to throw away even the smallest scrap of paper!

So today my little tutorial shows a quick and simple but effective way to use off cuts of patterned and plain papers of any sort.

I am demonstrating making an ATC for this tutorial.

Firstly I prefer to use double sided JAC paper for doing this as it makes it super quick to get done but don't worry if you don't have any just cut a piece of card to the size you want and have a glue stick handy!

I have cut my JAC paper to just smaller than an ATC. Peel off one side of the paper and you are ready to start.

Tear strips of your scraps of paper (tearing is quick and you don't have to be perfect!!) - any width sizing - they don't all have to be the same - I try to use co-ordinating colours & patterns - but this is entirely personal choice and dependent upon what you are creating!

Layer the strips so that they each overlap the other and as you can see don't worry at this stage about the overhanging bits. If you are using card and a glue stick just keep adding glue to your card for each strip of paper - it doesn't matter if not all of the strip is stuck down - that just adds more texture and dimension to it.

Once your base piece is covered trim the edges back to your original size as shown below - now it looks much neater and you can see the great effect.

I then used a corner punch to give the corners a softer look, peeled off the backing paper and stuck it onto my base ATC card in a solid co-ordinating colour. I then coloured a great image from Bombshell Stamps from the Indian Princess Set, fussy cut it, put a piece of muslin behind it and glued to the top of my ATC. I added some little tile letters to finish it off along with some beaded braid.

A close up picture of the layers.

And here is a banner I made for a recent Bombshell Blog Hop which shows some more of these torn strips being used as a background - I always love the effect from doing this and it's a great way to use my papers! 

Hope you have fun trying this out!

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