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Friday 25 October 2013

Wacky Holiday November- Punk for a Day!

Greetings, Bombshell Fans! Alison here with the latest installment of Wacky Holiday. Today is officially "Punk for a Day."

According to Holiday Insights,
When : Always October 25
Punk for a Day Day is today. Are you a punk? Would you like to be one? One might desire to be a Punk Rocker, but not literally a punk.So what then is the reason for this day!? We have absolutely no idea. And, we have found no information to shed light upon why this day was created, or how it is to be celebrated.

So although we may not know where this holiday started, or even why...I thought it may be a fun idea to celebrate it. Here's what some of the fabulous Bombshell Gals created. 

Kelli using Bombshell Angel and Halloween Costume Digi

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