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Thursday 3 October 2013

Meet Ms. October!

Sharon Rogers was our Ms. June and is stepping into the spotlight again as Ms. October!

Since she was interviewed in June,  I had to come up with some new questions for her, so we could learn even more about her.

Here we go!

1) How has your artwork changed since you've been part of the Bombshell Design Team?
Since being a part of the Bombshell Team, I have actually been RUBBER stamping as opposed to digi stamping. Although the first Bombshell Stamps I had were digi images, I am now the proud owner of five sets of rubber so am happily inking them up to create!!!

2) How do you use the small icons that are part of each set?
I’ve used some as the small icons as little embellishments and fillers but I plan to use some as background stamps.

3) Do you have any tips for using Bombshell stamps?
Just use them and have fun creating with them – so many great designs and endless possibilities for making things!

4) Do you like to combine sets of Bombshell stamps and create scenes?
I don’t do a lot of “scene” stamping but if there is something in one set that compliments what I am making with another set, then I am all for mixing and matching and using Bombshell images as much as I can!

5) What's your favorite color?
Although I am more of a tomboy my favourite colour is pink. It’s my favourite colour to use when I colour and create. But having said that, I am partial to earthy browns,creams, and sepia colourings too for a vintage feel on my creations.

6) Do movies, music, and literature influence your crafting? If so, how?
Sometimes an image will instantly make me think of a specific song or literature, especially classic types stories and fairy tales. Then that can start off an idea to base my creation!

6) Music or silence when you craft?
I have a TV mounted on the wall in my little craft room and I have that going although it is more for background noise as I can become quite engrossed when I am creating.  I do prefer some sort of noise and not just silence.

Here's some of Sharon's Bombshell artwork that is sure to inspire you!


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