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Friday 25 October 2013

Basic Bargello Background Tutorial

Hello Marnie here!  With a fun background technique to use up all those paper scraps.

Basic Bargello is fun and easy to do and creates a very impressive background or even focal point for a project.   All you need are some paper scraps (smaller print backgrounds work best) in colors you want to use for your finished project.  Some paper to layer on a paper trimmer and some really good adhesive.

First you want to start with your paper scraps and cut them into ¼” strips.  You could even do a little wider to modify your design.

Now that you have your strips you want to cover one layering sheet in adhesive.  And I mean REALLY cover it.  When you think you have enough adhesive on there add some more.  If you have a Xyron or other adhesive that lays down in sheets that will work really well.  After the adhesive is on, start laying down your strips in a pattern.  Put them as close together as possible.  Continue with the pattern until your paper is completely covered.

Trim away the strips hanging over the edge.

Now turn this piece 90 degrees to the right and trim it into ¼” strips.  Set out your strips in the order that you cut them as you cut them.  This is especially important if you are using paper with a pattern.

Cover another piece of layering paper with adhesive and begin laying down your strips in the order that you cut them.  Each time you set down a piece shift it over about 1/8” of an inch.  The larger the shift the more spikey your patter the less you shift you will get subtle waves.  After you go in one direction for awhile start to shift the pieces in the other to give the pattern your creating movement.

Once you’ve covered the entire piece of layering paper or run out of strips trim away the excess and cut your piece to it’s finished size.  Consider cutting it into a fun shape pattern or die cut.   Add the piece to your project and enjoy.

For the focal imagine on this card I have used Tattoo Background and a little black satin ribbon.

Enjoy playing around with this background.  Have a Happy Friday!


  1. so much work but so worth it. thanx for giving me a way to use up some sraps

  2. WOW! Really labor intensive but the effect is just FABULOUS! Thanks for the tut. xxD