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Wednesday 30 March 2011

Gift Box Tutorial!

Ok, so this one is going to be a very simple little post to show you how to cover up a small box so you can use it again.  It may seem really simple, but I know it took a little trial and error to get it right, and to make the edges crisp, so I thought what a nice little thing to show you.
 1. Measure the box bottom and sides. Cut a piece of paper such that it is (the width of the bottom plus 2 times the height of the side) by (the length of the bottom and 2 times the height of the side).  
2. Make score lines on the wrong side of paper so that it will fold up both sides of the box. The lines should be the height of the sides on each side of the paper. Then cut lines from the corners to where the corners of the scored lines meet.

3. Add tape to the bottom of the box, and glue the bottom of the box to the area between the score lines. fold all the triangle shapes inward.

4. Take one end of the sides and tape it to the side of the box, taking the triangular flap around the connected edge. for the other two sides, fold the triangular flaps in and glue them down so you have a nice neat edge at the corners. Tape these up to the box.

5. If the edges are slightly too long, you can wrap like I did here.

6. Repeat this process on the box top. I used two different papers to mix it up. For the Box Top, make the sides slightly longer than the actual sides, so you can wrap it around the box top to have a pretty neat edge. Here I forgot to cut down the paper first, and made my score lines first - uh oh... it was too long to wrap so I cut them.

Once I was done making the box, I decorated the top. The Sugar Skull I colored up using the following Copics: E81, 87 to shade it. I also used V91, 93, 95 for the purpley, YG91, 93, 95, 97 and YR61 and 65 to decorate. When I was done I cut it out and then covered it with Crystal Effects to give it a nice shiny glaze. I colored the flower using my airbrush with the YG91, 93 and 95 and then highlighted or actually lowlighted with the V95. I used Pop Up foam to pop it up.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. I hope all of you check out the challenges for this month - both the Sketch challenge and the Paint Challenge!


  1. Great tutorial. Thank you. I think I need to make a little box for something. There are just so cute, I figure out for what later.

  2. Excellent project en very clear tutorial with those pics!

  3. Awesome tutorial... i would love any gift that came in a box that cool!