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Saturday 21 April 2012

Bombshell Girl Spotlight!

Starting today, one of our talented Bombshell Girls will be in The Bombshell Girl Spotlight twice a month. This new feature will give you a chance to get to know our whole team a little better!

Rachael, known on the Bombshell Forum as Etsy-Ketsy, holds the honor of being our first victim! *grin*

Here's a little interview with her!

When did you become a full Bombshell Girl?
April 2012, but I was a pinup in April 2011 and have been a faithful Bombshell Stamps customer for more than three years prior to that.

Has/have your favorite Bombshell set(s)changed since you started on the team? If so, what are your favorites now?
No, I love them all.

What new techniques have you tried and/or learned as a result of being on this team?
I've tried playing with crackle paints and altering items, which is hard because I've never done that before.

Has your style changed and/or evolved since you started with the team? If so, how?
My style is always changing. When you're exposed to new things, ideas, and techniques that you enjoy and try, the result can be quite positive. I find myself trying new techniques and being aware of what works for me and what does not.

Do you follow any special "design rules"?
Nope! I'm a paralegal in my professional life, so that's enough rules for me. I do what I want and what looks good to me.

Where and when do you find inspiration?
I am always open to inspiration. When it strikes, it strikes! I love to go to art stores and look at all the products to see what I can come up with. Trying new things is always great.

How do you regain your lost mojo?
Walk the art store, look at scrapbooking ideas, touring art galleries. Most importantly I don't push myself. If I force it it just goes all to hell.
Here are three of Rachael's favorite projects.

Here are links to Rachael's Blog, Rachael's Bombshell Gallery, and to her interview as Ms. April 2011!


  1. Thanks so much for spotlighting me! So fun!

  2. YAYYYYY! Friend! I am so glad you were spotlighted today! Thank you for being you, and helping me along my own crafty journey :) :) If it was not for you, I wouldnt have applied myself for DT! :) Thank for your being such an inspiration myself and others, and not to mention a fantastic friend! Love you "SISTER"!

  3. Love you to SISTER! :D And thanks for making me apply for DT way back when! ;)