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Saturday 28 April 2012

Bombshell Girl Spotlight!

It's Emily Wilson's time to shine in the Bombshell Spotlight!

Here's my little interview with her!

When did you become a full Bombshell Girl?
I became a full Bombshell Girl in April 2012! I was a Bombshell Pin Up in June 2011.

Has/have your favorite Bombshell set(s) changed since you started on the team? If so, what are your favorites now?
My love for Mermaid Treasure has grown even more. I love how I can make her fit my personality or mood on the given day. Oddly enough I am picking up my Retro Cowgirls more now than ever and not knowing why.

What new techniques have you tried and/or learned as a result of being on this team?
I have become more adventurous in trying altering things, example being my April Challenge with the shoes. I never thought I could pull something off like it and have it looking NICE!! Oh, and does using glitter count as a technique?

Has your style changed and/or evolved since you started with the team? If so, how?
My style has grown a little. I am more willing to try new things. I am loving the Distress inks more so than ever, but I am still the same ol’ California girl who still doesn’t like to match her colors.

Do you follow any special "design rules"?
There are rules? Wow. I must be a rule breaker. I try to go outside the lines and get out there and experience new things. Rules are meant to be broken. I can be rebellious. Whatever, I do what I want!

Where and when do you find inspiration?

The people who surround me are my inspiration. I see my friends and family in each and everyone of my Bombshell Stamp sets. They inspire me more than my words can express. If it weren’t for them, I doubt I would be as creative as I am.

How do you regain your lost mojo?
Having a friend challenge you, and pull you out of the lost mojo gutter. I try not to lose it as it can be a hard thing to get back.

Altered Flats. By far my favorite, and with my favorite set. They started as an experiment, and I thought they would fail. They shined, Now, I cannot wait to make more. :)

Jets Girl. This was made for my friend's Valentine's (nicknamed Valentine) Day card. This is just an example of how I like to personalize my Bombshells for my friends. I mean what guy wouldn't like his lady friend in one of his t-shirts? FYI: I am NOT a Jets Fan.

I love all the detail work I did with this Mermaid Treasure easel card. I am a sucker for the easel card. I love how I stamped the area where one writes. It's probably my favorite card I have ever made.

Here are some links for you to learn even more about Emily and to see her work!
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  1. Emily, those shoes are fabulous!!!! They turned out so well!!! Congrats on being a full-time Bombshell!

  2. I completely agree with Mary!

  3. Those shoes are too cool! I never would have though to use stamps on that kind of clothing. I might have to buy a cheap pair of white shoes and decorate them too!

  4. Oh wow I just love those decorated flats - how clever!!